10 Most Watched Viral Video Ads on YouTube in 2016


10 Most Watched YouTube Ads in Year 2016
Video advertising is a rising force of digital marketing with very impressive growth this year. Many say 2016 is the year of videos – so true as consumer preference and major trends now show that many are switching to video oriented platforms across YouTube, Native Facebook Video, Instagram video, Twitter video and more.

The fact is, if you don’t include a video marketing strategy as part of your content marketing plan, you’re missing out on a great deal!

Wish to launch a video ad campaign to kick-start your 2017 Marketing plan? Learn HOW these videos became so successful. Remember, regardless of the type of videos, STORY is still the most important ingredient in making sure your video ads can go viral.

Without further ado, let’s watch all of them that went VIRAL!

#1 Nike- The Switch (Total views: 57.1M)


#2 Shell – Best Day of My Life (Total views: 28.6M)


#3 John Lewis – Christmas Advert 2016 – Buster The Boxer
(Total views: 21.2M)


#4 Momondo – The DNA Journey (Total views: 15M)


#5 Google – Pixel (Total views: 13.2M)


#6 Channel 4 – We’re The Superhumans | Rio Paralympics
(Total views: 7.4M)


#7 Clash Royale – The Price (Total views: 4.5M)


#8 Heathrow Airport – Coming Home for Christmas
(Total views: 4.3M)


#9 Mentos Indonesia – “Meeting with new a person easier with small help.” (Total views: 3M)


#10 7-Eleven Thailand – Teachers (Total views: 2.1M)

So which video is your favourite?

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