We were so happy that there were 113 of you who joined us on 7 December 2016! Even though the venue is in town and it was quite hard to find parking, we were thrilled to find some of you taking the initiative to come earlier so that you guys won’t miss this event.

A million thanks to everyone who supported us! Of course, our sincere gratitude to the sponsors of EDC Gathering! Without your support, this event wouldn’t be a success! Thank you MolPay & Printcious once again!

To sum up, this time EDC is a little bit different from last time. To make it more interesting, we invited booth vendors such as Fusty Penang Clothing (Penang Designed-T), Poladrone (DIY drone) and also EasyStudio to join us as well!

We also want to thank you our esteemed speakers who are willing to spend their time and share their knowledge with us.

Jin & Lyn who are the founders of Forreal Studio – shared about how they design their own illustration, as well as graphic. They also shared that designers should educate their clients instead of letting clients to control what they want.

Jason who is the artist behind of J&Y Production – shared about how he had this idea of web comic. He also shared how he improve the character, as well as the content of his comic.

Lastly, Tiffany who is the UIUX Designer shared on the methods on doing UI and UX. She also shared the case study, one of her project with the audience.

Other than that, we also had a lucky draw for our audience! Congratulations to the lucky one!

We hope you enjoy this gathering and had fun. See you in the next gathering!

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