4 Useful Tips for Website Design



Does your website have a good design to compete with your competitors? Having a simple but useful feature can allow you to have high traffic on your website.


1) Image size

Images can help to increase your credibility. Make sure the photos you upload have the right size. If you choose to upload smaller images, it may affect how your customers see your products from their perspectives. If the images you upload are too large, it will not fit nicely onto your website. So think twice before making a decision on your image size. Try to go for neutral size.


2) Logo

Logo is an important feature on your website. It represents your company and may affect your company’s reputation if the design is not rightly done. Create a high resolution logo design and place it on upper left corner of each web pages. In this way, it is easier for visitors to click on your company logo and link back to the home page.


3) Color

Do not put “Rainbow” colors on your website. Try to choose and use neutral colors for your website as it makes your webpage look clean. Remember to use the colors that match your content or the text on your website.


4) Font

Choose the font size which is easy to read by your visitors. Do not apply “ITALIC” on the whole page of content. Highlight those important words or features you wish your visitors to notice. The easier the words can be read, the higher chances your visitors will return.



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