A Brand New Look & Brand New “Toys” At the Irresistible Exabytes Fun Room

If there is a way to describe Exabees, we are firm believers of ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ as well as ‘work hard and play hard’. In 2008, when Exabytes moved from Mayang Mall to Suntech, Penang Cybercity, a fun room that equipped with a Nintendo Wii, a huge flat screen TV as well as a set of comfy sofa was built for Exabees to relax, disconnect from work and have a great time together. Over the years a Microsoft Xbox was added to the fun room for more variety, thanks to our CEO Chan.

Last month, Exabytes fun room has once again got its new look and new toys! The previous huge flat screen TV was replaced by the all novel Samsung 46″ smart TV, the previous comfy sofa replaced by the incredibly soft bean bags chairs and the previous Nintendo Wii replaced by the exciting Play Station 3.

On top of that, the previous fun stuff above have been moved to the open area outside fun room (now Exabytes’ 2nd fun room / area), this time also equipped with a Wii guitar controller for the trendy and enjoyable “Guitar Hero”.

Besides the much anticipated PS3, the Samsung 46″ smart TV is another novelty! It has various special functionality including letting us connect our mobiles to it, play 3D games, watch favourite 3D movies and make a few comments through social hub just to name a few!
Check out the pictures below!

Once again, thanks CEO Chan for his generosity in donating the PS3 he won from the lucky at Exabytes annual dinner 2012! Have fun guys!

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