I LOVE Exabytes Daily Mini Contest


I LOVE Exabytes Daily Mini Contest

Hurrah….! Altogether 55 vouchers or 2-3 vouchers per day will be given away stretching over 22 days starting from March 1, 2012!! Imagine logging on to your Facebook like any normal day, answer 2 simple question, LIKE, SHARE and TAG to entitle yourself to chances to win numerous vouchers from Secret Recipe, Haagen-Dazs, Coffee Beans, Starbucks and 15 mystery gifts.

Yes! It’s that easy. And the best thing is that everybody can be a repeat winner. That is to say, if you win a voucher today, there is NO such a rule that you cannot participate tomorrow and win again. In fact, you can participate every day to maximize your chances of winning! Moreover, when number of Exabytes fans hits 45,000, 3rd Prize – 1TB External Hard Drive will be unlocked for winning. 2nd Prize – Galaxy Tab will be unlocked when Exabytes fans count reaches 50,000; Grand Prize – iPhone 4S will be unlocked when Exabytes fans count reaches 60,000.

What questions will be asked?

Don’t worry, our questions are nothing like rocket science questions. They are simple, Exabytes, hosting, domains related questions with answers easily found on Exabytes website.

So don’t wait! Start NOW to win vouchers and have a FREE Enjoyable Time at Haagen-Dazs, Starbucks, etc with your loved ones, friends and family!

How to Play Mini Contest:

1. Like Exabytes (MY)
2. Share Exabytes (MY)
3. Tag 8 friends, Tag Exabytes (MY) and get 8 likes.
4. Answer 2 Daily Questions.

Terms & Conditions:

1. A Galaxy Tab will be unlocked for Lucky Draw when number of fans hits 50k.
1. An iPhone 4s will be unlocked for Lucky Draw when number of fans hits 60k
2. Mini Contest runs from 10am to 4pm Daily.
3. Altogether 55 vouchers will be given away for Mini Contest
4. Contest starts on 1st March 2012 and ends on 31st March 2012
5. Each contestant is eligible to win more than one prize.
6. Mini Contest is open to Malaysians only and prizes will be delivered within Malaysia ONLY.
7. Grand Prize is open to everyone around the globe for lucky draw.
8. To enter Grand Prize/2nd Prize Lucky Draw, you are required to perform the steps in our Mini Contest and fill out the form above.
9. Exabytes Network reserves the right to make any changes to this lucky draw, including its terms and conditions without any prior notice.

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