A Unique 2020 Brings Exabytes To An Exciting Annual Lunch


A Unique 2020 Brings Exabytes To An Exciting Annual Lunch

Many said, “Good riddance 2020” as hands of the clocks touches 12am on 31 December. The world was plonked with a sudden spread of coronavirus near to the start of the year 2020. World leaders, health organisations, medical authorities, businesses, and everyone from all walks of life were put in shock when the world had to come to a stop to overcome this lethal spread of the coronavirus that was causing fatalities around the world. It was through this tough and steep learning months that Exabytes came to realise that we’ve learnt, we grew and we’ve comprehended the lessons 2020 taught us. 

Exabytes Annual Trend

Following a yearly trend of Exabytes’, an annual ‘big do” for the company is organised to celebrate and show appreciation to Exabees – the Exabytes’ annual dinner. What was usually a big dinner party where all Exabees gather for an evening of fun and excitement took a change this year. Adapting to the new normal and abiding by health and safety rules to avoid the spread of Covid-19, we, Exabees put our creative minds to good use and organised a virtual annual lunch.

Exabytes 20th Anniversary Virtual Annual Lunch

Exabytes 20th Anniversary Virtual Annual Lunch

Celebrating our 20th anniversary, Exabytes’ took our grand party virtual and organised the “Exabytes Virtual Annual Lunch 2021”. This grand-scale virtual event of ours attracted a total of 230 Exabees from across the region, namely our colleagues from Singapore and Indonesia. Though travelling is not possible, turning this grand event into a virtual one is definitely more convenient for us to accommodate the entire family of Exabytes across different countries instead of coming as a hindrance. Competitions, fun games and exciting activities we used to have remained. As a matter of fact, there wasn’t much difference to holding this event virtually other than opening the possibilities of having more Exabees attending. 

Exabytes Virtual LunchExabytes Virtual Lucky Draw

The Party Goes Like This

Food was very luxuriously provided for this year’s annual lunch where everyone was awarded an RM50 credit to order food deliveries online of our own preference. Aside from this, there was a costume competition, Kahoot quiz competition, award ceremony for Exabytes service awards and most excitingly for Exabees, numerous lucky draw sessions. There were a total of 54 lucky draw prizes with the grand prize being a Phillips pressure cooker. On top of these, each competition came with prize monies to be won. There were several tiers of prizes for each competition with prize money of up to RM500 for the winner. 

New Normal for Exabees

This was truly a fun and relaxing Saturday afternoon for Exabees, where we played, bond and reconnect with each other, though it was through a screen. Exabytes started the practice of allowing Exabees to work from home since February 2020, when the coronavirus outbreak started to spread uncontrollably, and before the governments of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia imposed movement control orders for the countries. We realised that the safety of all Exabees is of utmost importance, as well as the safety of the public or those whom we may come across with when travelling to or being at the office. This practice of working from home has sunk in and been properly digested by each and every one of us Exabees. We have gotten used to the new normal as we work through the year 2020, and each and every one of us agrees that we have all learnt from this pandemic, this new normal, and this practise that has become our daily lives.


Staying at home has made us encounter new possibilities in many areas, and taught us to grow in handling our daily regimes. This new normal practice has led Exabytes to discover many more digital possibilities, where we can bring businesses to grow to greater heights online.