Are Cloud-ready Solutions for Your Business?


“Cloud” being a term much heard in the business scene now… but,  what is cloud in relation to businesses and what are cloud solutions?

Early this month, Exabytes in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) organised  the AWS | Exabytes: Business Connect Series – Cloud-Ready Solutions For SMEs.  Over two days, the AWS and Exabytes team both shared insights and updates on cloud-ready solutions that can support companies in growing their businesses online. This two-day event was designed specifically for businesses  who are “New to the Cloud”. The event offered a total of 3 tracks, covering the core topics on how cloud-ready solutions can enhance business growth. The 3 tracks are:

  • Track 1: Business track – Build Your Business ON AWS
  • Track 2: Technical track – Build Your platform ON AWS
  • Track 3: 1 on 1 Technical Clinics (by appointment only)

Carefully designed to be an event with a focus to strengthen and enhance knowledge and the latest cloud trends to businesses and digital solutions resellers. With combined knowledge and updates, Exabytes and AWS crafted topics that offer business and technical guidance on how you can Build Your business on the Cloud with Exabytes and AWS. As we can see, cloud technology has been a game changer for entrepreneurs and the economy. We feel that sharing the simple steps on how you can build your business on the cloud is essential.

Here are some of the core takeaways from this event:

5 Steps  to Build Your Business on the Cloud with Exabytes and AWS.

  • Create a cloud transformation leadership team
  • Identify target customer segments and vertical
  • Define and develop your unique consulting expertise and customer-facing service
  • Evaluate and cross-train current business and technical resources. Hire and train new resources
  • Position, price, and sell your service offerings.

Why AWS Well-Architected Framework?

  • Build and deploy faster
  • Lower or mitigate risks
  • Make informed decisions
  • Learn AWS best practices

Two essential actions startups can take to use AWS technology as a driver of innovation:

Curious About Your Customer

Put yourself as a customer and what is your ultimate goal to succeed by using this product? How will you improve to have a better experience? What matters most to them?

As you are building your business, you will know your customers better through these sessions and start with an end goal and map out the steps to get there. This can reduce surprises.

Think Big

You can have technology that is offered to the largest of enterprises for the cost of a cup of coffee. AWS pricing gives customers of all sizes the opportunity to access innovative cloud services. At Exabytes, we offer a hand on cloud-first digital transformation journey along with our customers.

How can Exabytes help your business on its Cloud-first Digital Transformation Journey?

Nowadays, digital solutions in the business world are the key to overcoming the fragile, highly challenging environment. Hence, customers can now expect a more complete cloud-first digital transformation products and service.

With the rise in  global and local rates of digital adoption, research analysts surmise the pandemic has changed the way we live and work. The post-COVID  tech industry expects more than 80% of IT operations will be hosted off-premise. There are proven real-world benefits, many of which are substantial, from organisations that have stepped onto the cloud journey.

Exabytes Enterprise offers a One-Stop Cloud Solutions and Managed Services covering the main 8 pillars of eCloud, eSecure, eBackup, eDRaaS, eiPasS, e CloudApp and eCommerce with 24×7 operations and support teams.

Exabytes has a dedicated team of digital consultants and is game to support businesses identify and address the challenges they face on the cloud-first digital transformation journey.

Find out more: Exabytes Enterprise

We want to grow your business online with you!

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