8+ Reasons AWS is the Right Choice for Local SME & Enterprises


Amazon Web Services or AWS is a global platform that offers cloud computing services. It provides computing, storage, database, and other tech infrastructure-related components along with software from its server farms. 

Be it local SME Enterprises in Malaysia, or other small businesses in South East Asia, anyone looking for managed cloud subscription can opt for Amazon Web Services as it is offered globally.

In March 2022, AWS and the Malaysian government signed a new agreement for cloud framework which made it easy and simple to procure AWS.

It was an immediate boost for new innovations to come in from the public sector.

AWS is a comprehensive cloud computing platform that includes a mixture of Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering for aws cloud users. 

Why should businesses use AWS?

Amazon web services AWS

In the past, SME enterprises and small businesses saw AWS as an expensive cloud solutions platform that only large-scale or global businesses could afford to invest in.

However, this myth has been busted completely as managed AWS allows cost savings by enabling “pay as you go”, “save when you commit” and “pay less by using more” as different pricing options.

A flexible pricing plan along with close to 200 services being offered to meet the hosting requirement of any application in the world has resulted in AWS cloud capturing 32% of the global cloud services market.

Like the rest of the world, AWS has caught up in Malaysia too.

A large number of businesses signing up for AWS cloud subscriptions has made AWS Malaysia a buzzword in the local tech circles.

In Malaysia, many SMEs adopt AWS cloud services considering the need for seamless running of business and how AWS enables the same.

Choosing Amazon Web Service provider with industry recognized credentials for AWS cloud services help business and professionals build innovation and effective technology systems for their internal use.

Technical specialists with AWS certification come with the required skills, deep knowledge and hands-on experience of supporting AWS cloud services.

With Amazon Web Services, integration of all the different operations workstream to get one centralised view for data analysis becomes very easy.

This specific reason has motivated SME business in Malaysia to look at managed AWS as a reliable cloud service to embark on their journey of digital transformation and modernization.

Benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • With upgraded infrastructure and increased bandwidth, we can sustain nine million concurrent census portal visitors without any issues.

  • Our servers can handle 100% of census portal’s traffic, and even at the 200,000-user peak time.

  • Saved the government up to 50% on resource costs

  • Met and surpassed government IT security guidelines

  • MySUL has removed user access issues for its census-worker e-learning portal.

  • It helped its five-member infrastructure team to be more efficient, resulting in time savings

8+ reasons why AWS is the right choice for Local SME Enterprise

AWS right choice for local SMEs & enterprises

Easy, Quick and Secure access

Small enterprises run their businesses on the AWS cloud with an easy access to virtual desktop or PC for quick work on applications, documents, and other resources.

AWS is available for all kinds of customers with secure access to AWS cloud for entrepreneurs, small businesses and even fortune 500 companies.

Best practices to secure AWS resources are:

  1. Enable multi-factor authentication
  2. Create a strong password for AWS resources
  3. Set up AWS IAM groups, roles and users for seamless access
  4. Delete account access keys
  5. Always use group email
  6. Make sure to enable the CloudTrain in AWS regions.

Reduction of costs

Some of the world’s biggest start-ups from Zocdoc to Airbnb are built on AWS and use a variety of AWS cloud as part of their technology landscape.

It’s worth mentioning that AWS has multiple pricing formats from pay per use to standard configuration costs (like a virtual private server) for their services.

A friendly pricing option allows AWS cloud customers to monitor and control their costs associated with AWS cloud integration into their business.

Given the adaptable cloud service framework provided by AWS, a lot of SME company in Malaysia are now tilting towards signing up for managed AWS services.

With improvement of Amazon EC2 instances, managers can take control of the finances with savings, tax avoidance and constant technical support from AWS cloud service providers. 

Easy hosting application and data migration

Small businesses operating in fast-paced industries have a need to keep up with rapid changes, which becomes possible with AWS platform.

Be it AWS Malaysia or any other location, Amazon Web Services allows load balancing, monitoring and automatic scaling which enables an SME company in Malaysia to operate in an agile manner.

Using Amazon Web Service storage space, one can migrate data, servers, and applications in simple and affordable manner.

Tools like AWS migration portal, AWS server migration services, AWS migration hub are used for cloud data migration. 

Adaptability & Scalability

Local SMEs use AWS cloud to customize the operating system, database, programming language, web application platform and other resources.

In the AWS ecosystem, the applications and resources are easy to load and configure which enables faster deployments and operations.

AWS is a scalable platform that monitors business applications, predicts performance and adjusts the capacity of infrastructure components like compute, memory and storage as required.

AWS cloud auto scaling enables instant upgrades and downgrades based on resource utilization.

Aws cloud and its efficient resource utilization helps businesses derive more efficiency from their IT systems.


Businesses adopt AWS Malaysia and use its storage, remote computing, mobile development, email, and security for managing customers and enhancing efficiency and productivity.

AWS Malaysia enables productivity through cloud computing, cloud infrastructure, cloud-based application development for small businesses.

It is an invaluable asset for digital development.

Gain competitive advantage 

Small businesses can save on their web hosting costs by signing up for an AWS cloud and enable auto scaling on it.

This immediately controls their IT expenses and allows them to increase their operational efficiency.

An increased efficiency helps gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Tools such as elastic load balancing, auto scaling help increase the efficiency of technology systems which help deliver better quality products and services.

AWS Malaysia is at the forefront of the new age digital transformation enabling Malaysia SMEs get more out of less!


AWS cloud computing enables mobile access to organisation’s data, via smart gadgets, which is helpful for small businesses.

A seamless access across a broad range of devices enables SMEs to manage and operate anytime and anywhere. 

With AWS cloud, the SME Malaysia community can be present for the customer when the customer needs them.

Enables data recovery 

A good disaster recovery strategy includes having data-backup available at all times to overcome emergencies and crisis situations.

AWS Malaysia offers cloud storage services, networking options and data-transfer methods that secures business data.

Using AWS backup, a business can scale up storage infrastructure, increase data durability and protect data without sacrificing time or performance.

Exabytes offers AWS cloud services in Malaysia for local SME enterprises.

Get Amazon Web Services for long-term, as it is cost-efficient, adaptable, secures data, flexible and provides a full range of services.

Contact Exabytes today for some of the best managed AWS services offerings across Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

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