What Made Amazon AWS So Successful & Widely Used?


Cloud computing has grown tremendously in recent years. It has resulted in increased efficiency, flexibility, and lowering of IT infrastructure, administration, and setup costs.

As a cloud platform, Amazon AWS offers simple, versatile, and highly dependable solutions and products including managed AWS services.

What exactly is Amazon Web Services (Amazon AWS)?

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a web-based platform that offers scalable and cost-effective cloud computing solutions to consumers.

AWS is the world’s most popular cloud platform that enables organizations to grow and thrive by delivering on-demand services like processing power, content distribution, database storage, and more.

Amazon AWS is trusted by the world’s largest enterprises and big start-ups to power their infrastructure with AWS computing, storage, databases, analytics networking, mobile developer tools, management tools, and IoT security enterprise applications, which can be used in combination or individually depending on the needs.

AWS has surpassed its competitors in terms of size and presence in the cloud computing industry.

According to one independent analysis, the Amazon AWS market share is 32.4%.

It means one in three cloud computing service is on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as of the first quarter of 2021, with Azure coming in second and Google Cloud coming in third with 9%.

What Made AWS Become So Successful and Widely Used?

It’s easy to see why Amazon AWS is so successful and widely used. AWS is mainly attributed to its ability to provide computing power and storage capacity at affordable costs with high reliability.

This cloud computing platform offers a wide range of services, including compute power, storage, databases, analytics, machine learning tools and more.

AWS successful & widely used


People don’t have to worry about blowing their cloud computing storage budgets with AWS because they provide a pay-as-you-go concept that allows people to utilize only what they need without having to worry about long-term commitments.

Amazon AWS is the ideal option for enterprises wanting to save costs without putting their own infrastructure at risk.

Furthermore, AWS offers competitive pricing and a vast selection of services, making it a perfect alternative for start-ups or businesses with significant budgets that want more than barebones hosting.

Adaptable and scalable

Startups and small enterprises can see the clear advantages of utilizing Amazon AWS for their computing needs because AWS’s price is adjusted based on customers’ use.

In fact, AWS is ideal for starting a business from the ground up since it provides all of the tools required for businesses to get started with cloud computing.

Amazon AWS provides low-cost migration services for established enterprises, letting them seamlessly migrate their existing infrastructure to AWS.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an infrastructure on demand, so there is no cap on how much one may use.

The advantages of Amazon Web Services include a wide range of options for operating systems, web application platforms, programming languages, and so on.

A virtual ecosystem’s platform makes it simple to load any service or software.

This facilitates migration from existing platforms and the establishment of new ones.

Integrating cloud computing with a business becomes easy and simple with AWS in particular and the Amazon Web Services platform at large.

AWS provides tools to help a firm expand as they grow. It means cloud computing customers will never have to worry about their monthly AWS bill.

Depending on specific business needs – Amazon AWS allows upgrades and downgrades to capacity.

This specific feature allows businesses to realistically plan their cloud computing needs and still not end up spending a bomb!

AWS ensures that applications hosted on the Amazon Web Services platform is always online and simplifies the creation of new servers.

If one requires additional servers, AWS makes it simple to do so in a matter of minutes.

When organizations use fewer resources and no longer require the remaining ones, AWS automatically reduces the resources to meet their requirements.

Amazon AWS also shows how many resources they are presently using.

Safety and reliability

Amazon Web Services may be significantly more secure than a company hosting its own website or storage.

AWS now runs hundreds of data centers across the world which allows them to provide cloud computing services. 

Amazon (AWS) as a company has embedded cloud backup services and disaster recovery as part of their setups which ensures customers do not have to put up with large scale cloud computing service degradations or outages. 

AWS is compliant with most information security and computer security protocols because of which its data centers are safe, secure and provide maximum uptime.

New concepts such as Amazon Macie, which uses behavioral analysis to locate sensitive information within enterprises’ systems, help clients get work done faster without sacrificing workplace safety or privacy.

Wide Range of Tools

Amazon web services AWS

AWS is a one-stop shop for all cloud computing and IT requirements.

The Amazon Web Services platform provides ready-to-use setup that helps quick installations and configuration of cloud computing to help businesses roll out their own services as quickly as possible. 

While AWS was initially intended simply for cloud computing only, it has now grown to include over 70 more services such as databases, software development kits (SDKs), mobile SDKs, analytics toolsets (APIs), networking equipment, and so on. 

The bottom line is that Amazon AWS is a one stop solution for most IT infrastructure and cloud computing needs at affordable price points.

Why should companies use Amazon AWS?

People don’t have to buy, maintain, or manage computers in cloud computing; they simply pay for hosting their website or online service on AWS and leave the maintenance and operations to AWS.

Cloud computing allows for mobile access to corporate data via smartphones and other devices, which is an excellent way to ensure that no one is ever left out of the loop.

A company may utilize the AWS cloud to deliver conveniently available information to sales professionals who travel, freelance employees, or remote employees to better work-life balance.


Amazon Web Services has shaken up the technology industry and paradigm. Amazon AWS can deliver affordable and scalable services to everyone from the newest start-up to a Fortune 500 company.

By pricing its AWS cloud services to deliver effective and efficient cloud computing services along with a wide range of other associated services.

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