Recently, Exabytes has received a scam email that asks for fake domain/hosting renewal.  An example is shown below. Now imagine one of this scam emails reaches your mail box, and without hesitation, you respond to them – the outcome will be disastrous and irreversible.

email scam


We strongly encourage you to raise your guard, and to be extremely careful when responding to these types of emails, which more often than not, ask for your private information!



REMEMBER: NEVER pass your private information to anyone / any emails, unless you have verified it.



1) Identify the domain or hosting company you purchased the services from

– You will need to check if the email is actually from the company that you purchased the services from, aliased with.  Keep the basic information of the company handy so that you can refer and check it.

2) Identify the company logo that comes with the renewal notification.

– The basic info of the company can be duplicated.  To re-confirm, you will need to check out the logo too. Remember, you can always call or email your hosting company to verify!

3) Track the date of your last domain/hosting renewal

– Other than that, you will need to take note on the date of your last renewal for any services that you’ve purchased.  It’s important to jot it down so that you can recognize that is your renewal invoice.

4) Keep an eye on your subscription amount and frequency

– To re-confirm, do check your subscription amount and the period of your subscriptions.


Hope you find it useful. Remember, better safe than sorry!

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