FREE Designed AngPow Packets


Holla! In conjunction with the official launch of Exabytes SEM Programs (Yes, Exabytes is now a Google Premier SME Partner!), we are having the long awaited Exabytes Ang Pow Packets Giveaway! angpoe giveway campaign from Exabytes

We’ve made it more challenging this time!  You will need to answer 3 questions before you can have our specially designed Ang Pow Packets.

4 simple steps to get your Ang Pow Packets:


Step 1: Like this post

Step 2: Answer the 3 questions below:

(i)Why is “Searching” so important to business nowadays?

(ii)How are advertisers charged by Google AdWords?

(iii)Where does a “search ad” appear on Google?

Step 3: PM us your answers to our inbox of our official Facebook page.

Step 4: Lastly share this post out and comment below


Only 200 Ang Pow packets are up for grabs. Quick! Send in your answers NOW!

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