A Complete Guide To Backing Up Your Personal Computer with Exabytes 2nd Life Cloud Backup


Exabytes SecondLife Cloud Backup

Exabytes SecondLife Cloud Backup provides a safe, secure and scalable data protection — bare-metal recovery (Clone Backup) and on-site cloud backup — for any data, anywhere,  anytime.

The 3 kinds of services it offers support Laptop/Desktop and Virtual Server, enabling physical server backup with quick recovery via an easy to use web console.

Cloud Backup

In addition, Exabytes Cloud Backup comes with hybrid backup (backup onto local server & cloud server) that allows quick recovery for any disaster that might happen to your PC or server.

Check out the below steps to easily get started with Exabytes SecondLife Backup:

  1. Choose the plan that is suitable for your personal/business use. To know more, visit: Cloud Backup Solution
  2. Once your service has been activated, you will receive an activation email with your account login details.

computer backup

  1. Login to your web console dashboard.
    pc backup
  2. Choose your subscription backup agent and start installing.
  3. Once the installation is completed, you will see the message below:
    backup devices

    backup indication
    (Machine Backup Progress)
  4. You can now start backing up your computer or server.
  5. The backup you are running, including the backup status, are recorded in the “Activities” panel.
    backup progress
  6. Once the backup is successful, you can stay calm and enjoy peace of mind even when disasters/attacks happen.
    backup recovery
    successful backup
    (Now, your clone PC/Server is ready)
    Remember, your Computer/Server deserves a second life!


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