Customer Loyalty Domain Promotion! .COM domain for RM49 for the 1st year!


Customer Loyalty Domain Promotion! .COM for RM49 (1st year)! ONLY FOR EXISTING CLIENTS! SIGNUP VIA MOBILE APP!

Thank you for sticking with us through thick and thin!

This month, we’re offering .COM Domain for RM49 Only! This special deal is Only Reserved to our Existing Clients! To grab this promo, simply register your .COM domain name via Exabytes mobile app (don’t forget to apply the coupon code below).

Although there are more than 110+ domain extensions to choose from, the .COM domain is still one of the most popular domain extensions registered with Exabytes.

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How To Enjoy This Promotion?
  1. Head over to the Domain Registration Page on Exabytes mobile app.
  2. In the search bar, search the domain name you wish to register.
  3. Remember to use the promocode, RM49COM at checkout.

Hurry and sign up for the domain name you’ve always wanted!

Promotion ends on 31 May 2020.

How to Download Exabytes Mobile App?
  1. Go to App Store/Play Store.

2. Search ‘Exabytes’.
3. Download the Exabytes app.
4. Signup or login your client account.
5. Register a .COM domain using the promo code.

To know more about our mobile app, visit

Grab your favourite .COM domain Now on Exabytes mobile app! Search website names with Exabytes today.

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