Exabytes eCommerce Conference 2014 (EEC) – Day 2


Date: 6-7 August 2014
Time: 8.00am – 6.00pm
Venue: Setiawalk – Puchong

eec 2014 event photo

eec 2014 event photo

eec 2014 event photo

Another early morning for us, Exabees, who were preparing the event necessities for Day two. Even though there was a serious traffic jam along the LDP, it did not deter our participants and Exabees from arriving at the scene.

The morning started of with some refreshments and when most participants had taken to their seats, Exabytes CEO, Mr. Chan Kee Siak kick-started the day with his opening speech for Day 2.

Subsequently, our MC Mr. Vickson Tan gave a recap of Day 1’s highlights and what’s in store for Day 2.

eec 2014 event photo

eec 2014 event photo

eec 2014 event photo

eec 2014 event photo

Our first speaker was Mr. Clement of EasyParcel.

In his talk, he introduced an easier way for eCommerce owners to deliver merchandises to their customers’ doorstep as well as an effective platform to compare the courier service fees.

Perhaps one of our most exciting topics of the day was “The Goods and Service Tax in Malaysia” by Vimmy Yap, Chief Advisor for GST Vintage Sdn Bhd.

During her session, she even gave away an invite to her own seminar on GST, worth around RM900+ to one of our lucky participants who answered her question correctly.

After a short tea break with Subway on the menu, Co-Founder of MilkADeal, Mr. Wilson Quah talked about his journey before he built up the online shopping trend. He is a young and talented man and a good speaker indeed.

subway sandwiches

eec 2014 event photo

eec 2014 event photo

Next up, we had one of the top voted speakers, Ms Carol Fung who presented a powerful talk on Digital Malaysia Initiative: #MYCyberSALE (Malaysia Biggest Online Shopping Days Of The Year).

Carol Fung

This is followed by the founder of Google Business Group Malaysia, Marcus Foon.

Marcus presented a talk on topics related to Social Media Analysis and WOW-ed many participants including us, Exabees.


Lunch was another lively affair at Padi Cafe, where everyone socialized and built future networks.

Padi Cafe

padi cafe puchong food

padi cafe

set lunch

hundred plus

Continuing after the lunch was Mr. Lee Yow Chuan from Twelve Volts Technologies. He shared with the participants on “How to Kick-Start Your e-Commerce Adventure”

Co Founder of IsIs, Mr. Tommy Yong soon took over the stage and gave us an impressive sharing on “What is Fulfillment and Why is it Important for eCommerce?”

Then, it’s the turn of Mr. Hussin Khan, Adobe Guru who contributed in the movie blockbuster, “Life of Pi” to impress our audience.

He generously shared on his Photoshop know-how, tips and tricks on video-editing skills for online businesses.

Hussin Khan

Hussin Khan  Hussin Khan appreciation gift

After some more light refreshments during a break, Daniel Choy, SEO Consultant for EasySearch greeted us with an exciting talk on “The Importance of Keywords”.

He described the use of keywords as a vital skill for eCommerce owners to apply in their online businesses.

Daniel Choy

Daniel Choy

Daniel Choy

Last but not least, Mr. Yu Liang, our last speaker for the day talked on how to take photos of products using simple settings. He is a professional food photographer in Malaysia and had been featured in various advertisements.

Yu Liang

Yu Liang demo product photography

Yu Liang demo product photography in eec 2014

Yu Liang joined eec 2014

After a recap by the MC on Day 2’s highlights, the event wrapped up with lots of awesome feedback from the participants.

In between events, those who managed to answer questions in the Q&A session received complimentary gifts from Exabytes as a reward for their efforts.

eec 2014 event crews

eec 2014 event crews

eec 2014 event crews

eec 2014 event crews

It may be over for EEC2014 but we are really looking forward to our future EEC events.

Until then, e-commerce is THE business way to go.

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