It’s a Wrap for Malaysia Internet Business Summit 2015 (Part 1)!



Exabytes’ grand scale 2-day eCommerce event ended with a bang on last Thursday (8 October 2015). We are extremely thankful to everyone who joined us at MIBS 2015 and helped making this event a success! Thank you also for the valuable feedback and suggestions from you, the attendees of MIBS 2015, an important source of information for us to make major improvements for MIBS 2016!

Without further ado, let’s go back to the day before the event, 6 October (Tuesday).

6 October 2015, Tuesday – Pre Event

With some Exabees flying from Penang and some traveling from Setiawalk, KL, we assembled at One World Hotel to set up the venue for MIBS 2015. The Exabees were tired but extremely upbeat and excited!


Preparations and setup started from 2pm to 8pm — all banners, goodie bags, flyers, survey forms were ready. A special thanks to the staff of OneWorld Hotel for arranging the tables and chairs, and giving us a hand whenever needed!





7 October 2015, Wednesday – Day 1

On day one, Exabees woke up at around 6am to get themselves ready for the event. At 8am, registrations started while we were eagerly waiting for the arrivals of the attendees.
The opening ceremony kick-started at 9am sharp with Group CEO, Mr. Chan Kee Siak greeted our audience with an impressive opening speech.

The two major topics to be shared and discussed on day one included Big Data and Internet Related Media.

#1 Big Data:
Once again, founder and CEO of the Exabytes Group, Mr. Chan shared his insights on Big Data, and how businesses can incorporate it for maximum leverage. The topic of big data would also be further discussed on day two.
Subsequently, Danny Chua, the senior vice president of MOL Global took over and shared with us on the Payment Evolution in Malaysia.

Next, the CEO of RocketUncle Malaysia, Nabil Feisal Bamadhai went on the stage to share selflessly how businesses can stand out from stiff competition with his inspiring topic, “Outsmart the competition with same day deliveries”.

Then it was Matthew Heller’s turn to share with the enthusiastic audience on how to leverage the power of Google to grow their businesses. Mr. Heller, who is the Head of Channel Sales of Google Asia Pacific actually flew all the way from overseas to Malaysia for MIBS 2015! We thank him once again for his immense support!

After a simple tea break, PK Lim, the co-Founder of Spotwerkz shared with us his exciting topic, “The Merger of the Physical and Internet World”.

Ever wondered how Uber expanded and built up its brand without owning a single vehicle? Leon Sing Foong, the Country Manager of Uber Malaysia shared his insights on value creation through big data analytics.

#2 Internet-Related Media
After the lunch break, the first panel discussion started.

Topic of Panel Discussion 1: BIG DATA, For The Next Generation of Big Business 
Chan Kee Siak, Group CEO of Exabytes Group of Companies 
Panelist 1: 
Matthew Heller, Head of Channel Sales of Google Asia Pacific
Panelist 2: PK Lim, co-Founder for Spotwerkz
Panelist 3: Puan Mulia Onn, Vice President of Enterprise Sales for AIMS Group
Panelist 4: Leon Sing Foong, Country Manager of Uber Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Next, Alvin Woon, the co-founder of TMI Holding continued to share his views in his talk, “Is IoT Another Fad?” He went on to show the audience how the Internet plays a big role in our daily life.

Soon a tea break ensued. When we were back, we were glad to have Su Gim Goh, the Security advisor of APAC F-Secure Corporation to share on online security and privacy, and how businesses can protect their website privacy and minimize the chances of getting important information exposed.

20151007-1550 20151007-1712
Time flew. Soon it came to the last sharing of the day prior to the second panel discussion. Joshua Sew, the founder and CEO of JOCOM took the stage and shared on how to make M-Commerce Big in ASEAN!

Lastly, the much awaited panel discussion, “The revolution of Digital Landscape in Malaysia” wrapped up the very exciting day one of MIBS 2015! Check out some of the details of the second panel discussion.
Panel Discussion 2: The revolution of Digital Landscape in Malaysia 
Karamjit Singh, Founder of Digital News Asia
Panelist 1: Alvin Woon, Co-Founder of TMI Holding
Panelist 2: Jose, Founder of Awoo International
Panelist 3: Su Kim Goh, Security Advisor, APAC of F-Secure Corporation
Panelist 4: Joshua Sew, Founder and CEO of JOCOM
Panelist 5: Zubin Fitter, Senior Partner Manager of Gopher Advantage

Stay tuned for Day 2!

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