The Differences between an Add-on Domain, Subdomain and Parked Domain


In this post, we assume that you already know what a domain is. Still, sometimes, it can be really confusing when we try to differentiate different types of domains, such add-on domains, subdomains and parked domains.

Do you know the differences between them?

Add-on Domains

  • What is?

Are you aware that when you sign up for a web hosting account and a domain, you can still register another domain in the future and use the SAME hosting account?

For example, now you have a hosting account and a domain (let’s call it A few weeks later, you buy another domain (let’s call it to create an additional website. All you need to do is just host the domain on the same web hosting account without paying for hosting again.

In this case, is the add-on domain.

  • Benefits of using Add-on Domains
    • You can create several domains and websites with the same hosting account
    • It has an independent FTP manager, site statistics and storage bins which are posted automatically
    • SEO benefits: Different sets of keywords can be used to promote the websites from a single hosting account


  • What is?

A Subdomain is extremely useful as it allows you to have a stand-alone website with unique content without having to register for another new domain. Imagine you own the domain To create a blog for your company, you just need to create another subdomain

In this case, is the subdomain.

  • Benefits of using Subdomains:
    • Increase search rankings and website traffic
    • It’s easy to install/upload anything to your subdomains
    • Subdomains are free – you can add them at zero cos

Parked Domains

  • What is?

Domain owners use a parked domain to point to their main website. For example, if  is your main site, you can register another domain and assign it as a parked domain. When a website visitor visits , he or she will see the exact same content as on

In this case, is the parked domain.

  • Benefits of Parked Domain
    • Increase online visibility with multiple parked domains

Now that you know the differences between them, you can use them to your advantage. For example, an add-on domain can optimize your web hosting space.

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