Difference between Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server


Virtual Server vs. Dedicated Server

What is a Virtual Private Server?

VPS, also known as virtual private server or private server is an artificial or virtual partition created on one host.

However, each virtual server is independent of each other and function almost like a dedicated server.

A virtual server is superior to a shared hosting plan in terms of software and their availability of resources like memory, computing power, running CPU, or graphics-intensive software or modules.

A virtual server also provides a guarantee for resources that a client could use. This is a feature not offered on most cPanel hosting plans.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is typically owned by a single entity who have the liberty to use it in any way that suits the business.

From hosting a single high traffic website to putting up multiple domains owned by a business – a dedicated server can be put to any kind of use.

Sometimes also called as server hosting – the new age dedicated server specs are massive!

Some of these servers go up to 64 GB memory and 10 TB disk space, 100Mbps bandwidth, dedicated IPs and DDoS mitigation.

7 Specification of VPS and Dedicated Server 

1. Pricing

A virtual server costs a fraction compared to a dedicated server.

However, a virtual server delivers output which is just below the performance levels of a full-fledged dedicated server specs.

Even an entry level instant dedicated servers start at three times the monthly rental price of the average virtual server or virtual private server.

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2. Scalability

A virtual server is easier to scale than a dedicated server hosting.

Given that a private server is a virtual partition, adding resources like memory, space and CPU is simple and quick.

This is also why a free VPS provided by a server hosting provider for testing, can be upgraded to a paid virtual server with the same IP address.

A dedicated server provides client access to the full resource base of the hardware.

Increasing resources on a dedicating hosting plan depends on the dedicated server specs taken up.

It is possible to add memory and disk space on a dedicated server provided the hardware has slots in it.

In general, a virtual server is much more scalable compared to a dedicated server.

What’s more, a virtual server can be upgraded or downgraded without downtime which is not possible in a dedicated server.

3. Resources

Big companies, or companies that specifically need confidentiality and security look for a dedicated server to take advantage of its high-powered configurations.

No virtual server can match a dedicated server specs in terms of CPU availability and memory capacity.

This is why running resource intensive services or applications is always a challenge.

4. Security

A dedicated server hosting solution is safer than a virtual server.

Companies that deal with critical data and have to protect themselves from external threats like DDoS and malicious attacks prefer a dedicated server.

Even a mid range affordable server can be configured with a dedicated firewall and load balancers to split different kind of website and traffic requests.

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5. Speed

A dedicated server could offer faster processing speeds compared to a virtual server.

A dedicated server specs enables faster data processing, combined with 100Mbps network speed, there is almost no latency observed.

These together result in faster site load times and much better user experience while browsing websites.

A virtual server can compete on the speed, but when it comes to memory and processing power, a dedicated server could be better when it comes to website performance purely because of the dedicated server specs.

6. Configuration & Customization

A dedicated server gives full freedom to a web mater to configure it in whichever way required.

A virtual server might have some limitation on how it could be used because of the resource limitations on it.

Installing very heavy software packages may be a challenge on a virtual server.

7. Management

For reconfiguration or maintenance, a dedicated server hosting environment proves to be more efficient as a service.

Pro of VPS hosting vs Dedicated hosting

In short, pros of VPS hosting and dedicated hosting:

VPS Dedicated hosting
More affordable than dedicated hosting Full control over your server’s software and physical hardware
Easily scalable without downtime. The site is physically isolated from other accounts because it’s on its own physical server whereas the site is only virtually isolated with a virtual private server

Cons of VPS hosting vs Dedicated hosting

In short, cons of VPS and dedicated hosting:

VPS Hosting Dedicated hosting
You don’t have full control of the virtual private server physical hardware. Tough to accurately assess the resources needed
Can be expensive
Scalability is dependent on dedicated server specs and hardware build.


Choosing between a Virtual Server and a Dedicated Server

Choosing between the two servers depends on the specific criteria and specifications and what the nature of business is and what is requires.

Small to medium businesses don’t have much need nor the finances to go for full scale of resources. Such companies can go for virtual private server.

Growing companies with a steady stream of web traffic would prefer virtual server where they can continuously take or give up space as and when there is a fluctuation in the upward or downward manner in a business traffic and growth.

Managed hosting may cost more than traditional hosting, but it can improve your efficiency within the VPS environment to the level of a dedicated server

One needs to consider the future growth of the website and the scalability plans.

A virtual server help more in scalability compared to fixed space of a dedicated server.

With a dedicated server, the space volume always remains constant, which means one pays for the same volume of resources resulting in money wastage.

Final Word: VPS vs Dedicated

The server world keeps changing and is continuously evolving with technology enhancements along with the parallel increase of security threats. 

The server type one chooses becomes the primary backbone of the digital operations, and hence is recommended to evaluate well before deciding what works best for you.

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