Is VPS Hosting Worth It? Types of Virtual Private Server


Types of Virtual Private Server

What is Meaning of VPS?

VPS (virtual private server) are virtual simulated partitions created in a physical server.

Each such private server is created using a process called “virtualization”.

A virtual server can be customized to individual requirements and at a fraction of the cost of an entire dedicated server.

Web hosting service providers call this hosting platform as VPS hosting.

A virtual server could be a Linux-based VPS, a Windows-based VPS, a managed VPS, or could be unmanaged VPS hosting depending on the VPS hosting plan.

SMEs, ecommerce business and other such enterprises talk about VPS Malaysia and sometimes also look for free VPS solutions.

Exabytes Malaysia has a very experienced sales team who can be consulted before deciding to buy a virtual server. 

If you are one of those who is wondering what is VPS, is affordable VPS possible, are VPS Malaysia providers reliable, is private server a good solution, then read on more.

In this blog, we explain why is VPS hosting worth it.

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What is VPS Used for?

1. Testing New Applications

If you are in web applications development business or are a programmer or developer, and regularly test new products, run test custom server setups, it helps have own server environment to test these things. 

Having an entire dedicated server may be expensive to warrant simple testing. 

This becomes even more practical when testing has to be done across multiple hosting platforms like Windows, Linux etc.

An affordable VPS plan allows for multiple virtual server options to be kept ready for testing.

Be it Linux based VPS, SSD VPS windows – one can have several private server plans together.

This also answers the question – ‘Should I use VPS server if am a beginner?

Yes, if you are just testing the website or the technicalities, codes etc. as a beginner, it makes sense to take virtual private server considering it’s not as expensive as dedicated server or physical servers (co location).

2. Additional File Storage

A virtual server is a private server. Be it managed VPS or or Linux based VPS, a VPS hosting plan offers a virtual server which is available only for those who have admin access to it.

This becomes a very useful feature when wants to create a backup of files without spending much money.

Be it VPS Malaysia hosting, or any other platform – a virtual server can be a very viable option to be used as a backup for file storage.

Flexibility is the Key Aspect of VPS

A VPS hosting plan comes with unmatched flexibility. Also, be it managed VPS, unmanaged VPS hosting, Linux-based VPS – a virtual server is amazingly scalable. VPS servers are very flexible.

The virtualization mechanism used to create individual private server partitions lets each virtual private server to be 100% customized to install any software or operating system or packages.

The best managed VPS hosting providers offer upgrades to a server capacity (memory, CPU etc) which makes it easy to scale up or down as and when required.

A private server or VPS can be managed or unmanaged with the client taking full responsibility of software updates and patches.

A virtual private server is great for running SaaS projects like a personal cloud or a VPN server or websites that have a reasonable amount of concurrent users.

Here are some differences between each server hosting type

VPS hosting vs Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Server

VPS vs Shared Hosting

A virtual server aims to bridge the gap between dedicated servers and cPanel hosting.

For small and medium businesses as well as IT managers, it is extremely useful.

Be it VPS Malaysia or any other platform – a virtual server is simple to use, there is a wide selection of cheap VPS plans. A VPS hosting plan offers just the right balance.

The ability to scale rapidly without additional complexity or overhead sets private server apart from other types of hosting.

VPS vs Dedicated Server

A virtual private server or VPS cost much lesser than a dedicated server and is far more accommodating as there is no need to pay for extra capacity or resources that will be unused.

Instead, most providers allow customers to transition without friction between different tiers depending on demand.

Different Types of VPS (Virtual Private Server) 


Some vendors have discontinued use of hard disk drives and moved to SSD servers or solid-state drives servers.

This has helped improved their reliability and ability to serve concurrent users as they can handle a high number of input/output operations simultaneously.

2. Cloud VPS

Cloud virtual private server or VPS extends the virtualization paradigm across multiple private server setup instead of making it redundant or more expensive.

Hardware failure is common in traditional and SSD VPS, and affects all private server hosted on that particular machine.

In cloud VPS, a layer of reliability is added allowing websites and services to run without significant downtime even if a server is physically removed from the server cluster.

Major Types of VPS Hosting

VPS or virtual private server hosting is categorized into two main categories: managed VPS and unmanaged VPS hosting.

1. Managed VPS

In a fully managed virtual server hosting or VPS hosting, all management and maintenance responsibilities are handled by trained IT professionals who take care of the virtual server and makes sure it keeps humming along nicely.

This includes everything from the initial server, installing updates, applying security patches, constant monitoring and taking backups.

2. Self-Managed VPS

In a self-managed virtual server or VPS, the responsibilities of management and maintenance of the server along with all other responsibilities mentioned above lies with the business owner itself.

With this, there is a need for high level of technical know-how.

How Much Does VPS Hosting Cost? 

A private server or virtual server hosting is exactly in between cPanel hosting and dedicated hosting servers.

While VPS Malaysia providers do offer cheap VPS plans, they are not as low as cPanel hosting. The good news is virtual server plans start as low as RM 25.50/month with Exabytes.

Is VPS Hosting Worth It in 2022?

Yes, it is worth investing in virtual private server hosting.

A VPS hosting helps with its availability of adequate resources and a flexibility to create more room or reduce room basis the demand or traffic.

For example, when hosting ecommerce website, VPS hosting helps with its flexibility, being cheaper than dedicated hosting, yet being more secure than shared hosting.

A virtual server hosting or VPS hosting is also worth it when there is a performance and resource bottlenecks in the existing plans, require resources like a dedicated server but can’t yet afford a dedicated server.

A virtual private server hosting offers higher levels of performance, storage, and scalability when needed.

It also helps in deploying and testing projects, running own personal server, or even for additional file storage or website backups.

Exabytes offers both Linux-based VPS and Windows-based VPS. Connect with our team now to learn what works best for your business. 

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