The First Hokkien eCommerce Export Workshop in Malaysia – “Exabytes the Best, Helping You Double Your Export and be the Best!”


Hokkien export workshop at EasySpace

As a businessman, you must be attending major business workshops from time to time.

But have you ever come across an eCommerce workshop conducted in the Hokkien dialect?  

On 19 October, Exabytes held a special Hokkien export workshop at EasySpace in Penang – “Exabytes the Best, Helping You Double Your Export and be the Best!” Using the most authentic and business-friendly dialect, the speakers shared all aspects of B2B eCommerce export in the simplest way possible. 

The workshop mainly focuses on two topics.

The first is to look into how important “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) is for businesses today and how to use SEO to actively bring customers to your business.

Second, how to use big data technology to quickly and effectively double your sales and build a global customer base.

As the first Hokkien eCommerce export workshop in the country, this event not only attracted many businesses from Penang, but even businesses from Kedah and Perak came all the way from their respective states to attend. 

Alibaba sharing - Hokkien export workshop at EasySpace

At the start of the workshop, Martin Tang, the digital marketing manager for Exabytes, gave merchants an analysis of how Internet users currently browse the web.

This helped merchants figure out how they should promote their brands online. 

“According to data, 75% of Internet users only browse the first page of search results when searching for a product; and 70-80% of users would skip all paid advertising posted online.”

He also emphasized that by optimizing SEO, not only can it help merchants improve their brand reputation but also greatly increase their organic traffic and potential customers.

Martin Tang SEO Specialist aka digital marketing manager

On the other hand, Cheong Peng, the Vice President of Digital Sales at Exabytes, used several successful business stories to tell the audience how big data can help them double their business performance.

Some of them, like the spice company she mentioned, have increased their sales by six times in just six months since they started B2B eCommerce, which is phenomenal. 

According to Cheong Peng, in the era of big data, merchants can adopt three major strategies to easily double their exports.

These strategies are: making good use of search keywords; winning in terms of traffic; having a firm understanding of customer behaviour; winning over business opportunities; and taking the initiative to win business over.

At the end of the event, she quoted the famous saying of Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum: “In the new economic era, business is no longer all about size, but rather who is the quickest to take the first step.”

This reminds businesses that they should act fast—the only way to keep up with today’s pace in the ever-changing business environment.

During the event’s final exchange session, participants took the chance to discuss with the speakers and learn more about SEO, B2B eCommerce export, and Alibaba. 

Act Fast, Act Now

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