EEC2018 Announces Partnership with MOLPay


EEC2018 Announces Partnership with MOLPay

We are glad to have MOLPay as our Diamond Partner for our upcoming EEC2018 event. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase the exciting happenings that will take place in this event!

MOLPay is the leading payment gateway in Southeast Asia that connects international brands to consumers across region since 2005. We help our clients to establish foothold in Southeast Asian market through our full-range of alternative payment methods such as online banking, cash at 7-Eleven (MOLPay Cash), e-wallet, and more. Our single API serves as a connector for clients to reach all consumers across Southeast Asia

Here you go with some teaser for the upcoming EEC2018 – What will Mohd Danial, Corporate Account Manager of MOLPay shares in EEC 2018? So we did an interview with him to let you have some ideas.

#Q1  Describe what your eCommerce business is about and who would benefit from the service you provide?

MOLPay is the payment gateway provider for e-commerce businesses that simplify payment acceptance to be widely accessible to all consumers across region.

Our payment gateway provides viable solutions for businesses to leverage e-commerce channels including mobile apps, MOLPay Cash as well as virtual terminal for flexible payment acceptance through online and offline presence.

#Q2  What factors have contributed to your company’s growth and success to date? How do you see these elements evolving in the future?

The factors that lie behind our company’s growth and success have been the comprehensive payment channels and solutions that we provide to e-commerce businesses, where the needs of each market segment is catered.

The trust that has been given to us by the local and global brands help us to grow very fast. We believe these factors will soon evolve towards driving more innovations and supporting the growth of e-commerce in Southeast Asia, as well as to the wider parts of Asia.

#Q3 What can attendees expect to see from your company at EEC2018? Please let us know what you have planned for your booth, during your speaking opportunity, or other partner placement at EEC2018.

I will be speaking about “Ensuring your E-Commerce Business Success through Multiple Payment Channels” which will focus on how payment channels have becoming an important success factor that e-commerce businesses could not afford to miss out, as supported by the latest e-commerce consumers’ behaviour reports.

#Q4 Tell us – what do you anticipate most in the upcoming EEC?

We look forward to meeting a lot of key players and aspiring entrepreneurs in the upcoming EEC, which has become a great and significant platform for the industry players to gather annually.

To personally connect with Mohd Danial, do make sure you attend our EEC2018!

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