Exabytes’ Annual Paintball Event – No Paint, No Gain!


In the morning of 17 August, thrill and excitement that awaited all Exabees at Permatang Tinggi, Bukit Mertajam, Penang had brought 53 attendees with 36 players that were split into 4 teams, namely team A, team B, team C, team D.

A large enthusiastic team gathered to battle among each other in the battlefield of Combat Paintball, the annual Exabytes Paintball Event; but this was more than a shooting game. The bright idea behind this marvelous shooting action was to bring the team together and embrace the beauty of team spirit through team bonding sessions. Needless to say, by the time all Exabees showed up at Combat Paintball at 8 am, everyone’s competition bloods were boiling.

The paintball course was out in the opening, surrounded with vivid greens and man-made war liked zone, and the game started with the allocation of team members.

Having minimum knowledge on this game, training of safety features prior the first game was conducted. Fellow Exabees were taught on how to operate the gun/marker, and on how to wear the protective gear. Besides, rules and regulations on what should and should not be done during the game were also listed out, as to safeguard each Exabees, which included: –


a.) Never take off your mask (helmet) when in the game field

b.) Never fire at anyone that is within the range of 10 feet

c.) When not in the field, always put on the gun safety stopper so if the gun miss fires, it won’t hit anyone


“Exabees gear up! It’s battling time, let’s paint some bodies!” 4 teams of Exabees stood by eagerly waiting to start the ‘war’! Players that were hit once will be considered ‘dead’, verifying a ‘clean kill’. In order to win a game, the idea behind was to survive till the end. After all the talking and instructions, player will then meet their enemies through this door.

For scoring purposes, it was decided that winners will be determined using a point system, which meant each team would face every other, winning 1 round will earn the team 3 points and 0 if they lose. In the end, the team with the most points would win.


A loud thundering roar was heard when a team went all out ‘rambo’ style, gushing forward aggressively straight to the enemy’s face and taking all enemies out by surprise. It was a majestic scene that day where they successfully displayed the true meaning of “the best offense was a good defense”.


After a long and hard battling, though much ‘injuries and casualties’, there were 3 winning teams. The crowd roared and rumbled to greet the Champion of the day, Team A, the first runner-up Team D and the third winning team, Team C. Prizes were RM210 Jusco vouchers for the Champion, RM140 Jusco vouchers for the first runner-up, and RM70 Jusco vouchers for the third place.

The battling expedition can be concluded as exciting, where players had fun, spectators were laughing and commenting, overall everyone was a cheerful bubble that day. Though tiring, the event had successfully brought all Exabees together, displaying the essence of fun, joy and happiness! Truly an unforgettable journey for the all!





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