Exabytes Annual Dinner 2015



Date: 31 January 2015

Time: 7pm to 11pm

Venue: Orchid Copthorne Hotel


Have you ever imagined seeing all your favourite movie characters popping out in real life? avengers

Yes, the theme for annual dinner 2015 is “Movie Star Night”, where everyone has to dress up as a movie character. IMG_9634


It was truly amazing to see everyone really putting in their effort on dressing up!

Presenting the Green Army Men from “Toy Story”! DSC04260

Other than that, there are also characters from the “Emperor of China”. DSC04408

On the right, another famous movie character from the Hong Kong movie “Kungfu Hustle”, the landlord lady!

99.9% lookalike???

bao zu po

“Triumph of the Skies”! The TOP HIT Hong Kong movie! IMG_9500


Edward Scissorhands!


The event kickstarted with an opening speech fr4om our CEO, Mr Chan Kee Siak, and followed by a speech by Dato’ Tan. IMG_9520

Mr Chan


Dato Tan

The followed by the highlight of the night, the internal launching of Exabytes SEM Program, where we are now one of the premier partner of Google!






Then Mr Akshay Sonthalia gave his speech about this collaboration DSC04332

The dinner started after the speeches with a toss (okay, many tosses!) of Yee Sang. According to Chinese beliefs, the higher you toss the Yee Sang, the more prosperous your life would be! IMG_9555

Then, while the dinner progressed with courses after courses of mouth-watering cuisines, the event also progressed with gifts after gifts given away for the lucky draws!



Almost everybody walked back happily, winning something from the lucky draws! There were so many gifts given away that night; from iPhone 6, iPad Mini, MacBook Air, Go Pro, Xiaomi, TVs to even the one gift that everything is looking out for — a 10% salary increase! No kidding!



No, it’s not only a paper okay? The real product wasn’t here yet 😛

In between the lucky draw session, there was also a game session to keep the night going. The game is called “Guess The Movie” where movie trailers are played with their respective soundtrack for the audience to guess.

A more difficult version of the game was played later on, where a few from the floor were selected by the emcee to come up on stage and separated into groups. Each group was then given a letter containing a title of a movie, which they have to act out for everyone else to guess. At the end of the game, the floor was instructed to decide on the group that pulled off the best acting.



Games aside, there was also a surprise birthday celebration for the January Babies! Happy Birthday! IMG_9683


Up next, the top ten nominees for the Best Dressed Award (chosen by the members of Exabytes) were invited on stage to do a little performance before the secret panel of judge.in order to compete for the Award.



Congratulations to all the winners! Your effort on dressing up was really amazing! IMG_9868



Congratulations to all the winners! Your effort on dressing up was really amazing! IMG_9876


Could you see how much we’ve grown? The Exabytes family keeps getting bigger and bigger every year! It was indeed an unforgettable night for all of us – and for this, we’d like to thank the OCs as well as those who are involved to make this lovely night possible for all of us Exabees. Here’s to 2015 and to all the Exabees!

For more pictures of the beautiful event, check out http://goo.gl/14neFH

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