Exabytes Christmas & New Year Party 2013


Date: 23 December 2013
Time: 6pm-830pm
Venue: Exabytes Suntech Office, Penang.

Just like any other family, we Exabees too have a tradition that we keep every other year — the Christmas & New Year Party! It is where we take some time our and drop all the work that we were doing and just enjoy the company of each other in laughter and true joy. After all, it’s times like these that bring us together!


The event started with dinner consisting of 60 of us Exabees indulging ourselves in an array of delicious food. Some of us also brought our children over just for this particular occasion. 😀 You know, the more merrier! Look at em scrumptious food!

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Once we were filled, the first activity of the event started. If last year we had The Best Looking Santa game, this year we had the Treasure Hunt game! During this game,  we hid about 60 presents inside the office and each group needed to collect 8 pcs of presents and report to OC once they got it. The first group that collected the 8 pcs of presents first, will be the champion of the game! 😀

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After 15 minutes of chaos, Group1 managed to find all 8pcs of presents and won the treasure hunt. The best thing is, all the presents that they found, will be theirs to keep! How awesome is that? 😀


After that, the event continued with another activity of the day, which was the Gift Exchange ceremony.


During this time, all of the Exabees gathered at a room, and one name by one name is called to exchange their gifts with each other.

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Needless to say, it was a fun and memorable event for all of us in Exabytes. Also not forgetting, the OCs for working hard to make this one an enjoyable one for all of us. Long live Exabytes!

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