Exabytes Game Jam 2013 – Result & Games Showcase


As the sequel to the previous post about Photon CGM Game Jam, it’s time to find out the winners and also the piece of work created by each team.

Before we reveal the teams with their masterpiece, allow us to introduce all of you to the panel of judges…

Chan Kee Siak at Exabytes Game Jam 2013

Panel judge no 1 – Mr Chan Kee Siak, the CEO of Exabytes.


Dr. Ganesan Velayathan, CEO of Fun & Cool Ventures

Panel judge no 2 – Dr. Ganesan Velayathan, the CEO of Fun & Cool Ventures.


Siow Aik Wee

Panel judge no 3 – Mr Siow Aik Wee, the senior Executive of Industry & Business Development, Creative Multimedia Division, MDeC.


The judging process was fairly simple. The game had to be a multiplayer game that is fit within the “Malaysia” theme and “Durian” element. Other than that, the judges scored the game based on the originality of the game materials, creativity, and overall gameplay and graphic. Every team had to come forward to present and demonstrate their game to everyone.

So without further ado, allow us to introduce the first team to give their presentation…


Meet “The Noobs”!

Photon CGM Game Jam 2013 photo

Photon CGM Game Jam 2013 photo

They are a group of students from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). This was their first time experience in joining an event such as game jam and due to the lack of experience, unfortunately their game faced a little technical problem and crashed at the last stage of development. As such, they were only able to present their ideas and concepts behind their game.

Photon CGM Game Jam 2013 photo

And then, on to the second team, “Coffee”!

The members of “Coffee” consisted of professional programmers and designers who are working in game developing companies.

Photon CGM Game Jam 2013 photo

Photon CGM Game Jam 2013 photo

Their game, “Clash of Gasing” is a 4-player game which combines orang utan (the iconic Malaysia animal), durian and gasing (spinning top). To win the game, player (who play as a orang utan) launch their gasing to push their opponent’ gasing to the sharp durians, and the last standing player wins.

Try Coffee’s Clash of Gasing Game

Photon CGM Game Jam 2013 photo

And then, there was the third team, “DST2”, featuring some talented students from Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC)

Photon CGM Game Jam 2013 photo

In their game, the player controls a monster to move around a farm to collect as many durians as possible, which randomly drop from trees all across the map.

Try DST2’s Durian Collecting Game


Photon CGM Game Jam 2013 photo

Then followed by the presentation of team “Ivy”

Ivy has 3 members. However their team mate left before the presentation due to emergency. “Ivy” would strike as a team with female members in your minds, no? Actually the name IVY was originated from 3 first letters of their names! 😉 Pretty cool, no? 😀

Photon CGM Game Jam 2013 photo

Like team DST2, they also created a durian collecting game. But the difference is the environment is not in a farm, it is around a pyramid. Initially they planned to design another game. However they encountered some bottlenecks in terms of the design issues, so they switched their backup plan to produce this game.

Try Ivy’s Durian Collecting Game

Photon CGM Game Jam 2013 photo

Next, was the “Digital Ark” team, consisting of three young app developers who had just established their own startup “Digital Ark Malaysia” in the mobile application industry.

Photon CGM Game Jam 2013 photo

Unlike most racing games that portray race cars or sport cars, they designed a lorry racing game called “GDL Racer”. In the game, the players act as a lorry driver. The mission is to deliver a load of durians to a durian festival as soon as possible.

The game has a well designed landscape with Malaysia landmarks like KLCC and KL Tower. Besides the detailed graphic, many of us were impressed by the physic they have applied to the movement of the lorry and also the durians. If the player drives too fast or drift too much the durians will slip and fall from the lorry. When the lorry hits the bump with too much speed, it even performs stunting acrobatic flip. Pretty neat, huh?

Try Digital Ark’s GDL Racer Game

Photon CGM Game Jam 2013 photo

Moving forward, the next team is called, “DST”, another bunch of talented juniors of DST2 from TAR College.

Photon CGM Game Jam 2013 photo

Coincidentally they also have designed durian collecting game. Though they are all programmers who had zero knowledge in game development, yet they were able to learn the modeling skills to create the objects and landscape in their game.


Photon CGM Game Jam 2013 photo

Of course, last but not least, was the last team “Imagination”, a group of 5 students from University Malaya.

In their game, the player wanders around the farm to collect durian (again?? is it durian season already??)

Photon CGM Game Jam 2013 photo Photon CGM Game Jam 2013 photo

However, instead of merely collecting durian, the Imagination team put in some intense elements into their game by having monsters walking around in the map. The player must avoid the monsters while trying to collect durians. Because of the limited time frame, they only managed to produce a prototype with much room for improvements. We certainly hope to see that Imagination can further optimize it in the future.

Try Imagination’s Durian Collecting Adventure Game

After all 7 teams have presented their games, it was time for the judges to evaluate their games to determine who would crown the winner. While awaiting for the judges to score every team’s work, we brought a wonderful meal to celebrate everyone’s hard work.


Yeap, plates and plates of sushiiiiiiiiiiis!


And different flavors of onigiri! 😀 😀 😀

After what seemed like a million years, the result was finally in the judges’ hands! Yeap, they were going to reveal the score for every team with score boards.

Photo CGM Game Jam 2013 photo

Photo CGM Game Jam 2013 photo

So so so! Who do you think won the competition? 😀 Well, the winner of Game Jam 2013 competition that won mutual votes from the judges went to —




Alright — Digital Ark’s awesome GDL Racer! *clap clap clap*

Photo CGM Game Jam 2013 winner

Congratulations to Digital Ark for winning the trip to Japan and also $5000 tapsmart.net CPI credit!

For other jammers especially the first-timers in game jam, don’t give up! You have done your best and kudos to you all! Take this as a good lesson and experience and you definitely will do better in the game jam events in the future.

Photo CGM Game Jam 2013 group photo

It’s a pleasure to know you and we are looking forward to meeting you all in the next game jam!

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