Exabytes Digitalise Penang for Youth – Empowering Malaysian Youths through Digitalisation


Exabytes Digitalise Penang for Youths - Empowering the Youth of Malaysia through Digitalisation Programme

A CSR initiative by Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd and Penang State Government

PENANG, 20 May 2021 – Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd and the Penang State Government with Penang Youth Development Cooperation (PYDC) has launched a digitalisation programme entitled Digitalise Penang for Youth Programme.

The aim of this programme is to provide youth between the ages of 15-35 years old with the knowledge on how to succeed in the digital economy.

This CSR initiative is in light of the current challenging time of our lives where the urgency to assist the people in the recovery from the pandemic is acute, especially for the youth who are the hope of the future.

Digitalise Penang for Youth

Under this programme, these youth will learn the relevant digitalisation skills like Domain Setup, Web Hosting, VPS and many more. The knowledge obtained from this programme is for them to set up their own online business or fine-tune their programming capabilities to have a successful career in the tech industry.

Domain setup which is the first step in building an online identity that allows youth to own a domain name of their choice;
Web hosting plan that allows youth to experiment with building their online presence by developing their own website or online store and;
Virtual Private Server (VPS) which is a tool for our youth to create their own codes on the server, running a development server to hone their programming skills and to experiment with different programming languages.

This is in-line with the current shift to the virtual ecosystem in both work and life in general, where online shopping, online banking, virtual payment and the gig economy are growing exponentially and becoming the norm.

Exabytes’ Objective, Vision and Mission

Chan Kee Siak, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd said during the launch, “Exabytes has allocated a budget of RM500,000 in terms of digital solution products and services to launch Digitalise Penang for Youth to create opportunities for youths to grow digitally and kick-off their digitalisation dreams.

This initiative is a step forward in our effort to empower digitalisation among Malaysian youth and give them opportunities to grow digitally and to leave a meaningful footprint in the industry.”

Digitalise Penang for Youth is also critical in supporting the Penang tech industry and promoting healthy time management among Malaysian youth during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing positive and educational activities through this programme”, added Chan.

By having the ability to create an online business or work in the tech sector, the participants can future-proof their career, uplift themselves and achieve financial independence.

In addition, this will ensure youths to be more resilient and confident to face future challenges in the ever-changing digital landscape.

The rollout of this CSR initiative is the start of a concerted approach by the state government to assist and support the community via new job creation and opportunities as well as to nurture the e-commerce and tech industry in Malaysia.

The Penang State’s Support

YB Soon Lip Chee, Penang State Executive Councillor (EXCO) for Youth and Sports said “This pandemic has led to an inevitable surge in adopting digital technologies and at the same time speeding up the rate of digitalisation within just a very short period of time. 

As such, our youth especially needs to adapt to this change of environment quickly to encourage growth and remain resilient throughout this tough time where little is known on when this war against Covid-19 will be won.

I believe the launching of this digitalisation programme is timely and will be a boost in developing our youth for the future. Besides, this programme is also in line with the Penang2030 vision by fostering a digital community in Malaysia”.

The Penang Youth Development Corporation (PYDC) focuses on youth development in areas involving digital technology as skills based on this area are highly in demand in this new era.

Therefore, PYDC believes that Digitalise Penang For Youth will develop the youth’s talent in the technology industry and provide exposure along with opportunities for youths to be involved in this field as well.

In addition to that, the content that the youths are bound to learn is in line with what the business world needs in the near future. PYDC stands and hopes that the youths in Malaysia will seize this huge opportunity and always strive to improve their skills and knowledge in this highly demanding world of digitalisation.

Exabytes believes that this private-public sector collaboration is a way to achieve the state government’s goal in ensuring that youth become the main drivers of economic growth in the future.

What’s offered?

Digitalise Penang for Youth is open to a total of 1,000 youths between the age range of 15 to 35 years old.

  • Youths who are currently working or unemployed
  • Secondary school-going children in Malaysia
  • Malaysian youths (within the above-stated age range) registered as a student at a college or university in Malaysia, studying web design, web programming or other related courses

The youth will have access to the sponsored programmes for one year, however the campaign will run until the end of 2021 or until the quota is reached, whichever comes first. Applications to join this initiative will be made through an online application form. For more information on this digitalisation programme and enrolment details, please visit www.digitalisepenang.com.

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Understand the difference between Web Hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS)

What is Web Hosting?

Hosting is like the house of a website. It stores the website files. There are many types of houses.

Technically, all websites are hosted on a server.

Signing up for hosting is a process of renting or buying a space for your website on the World Wide Web, so your site can be viewed or visited online.

1. WordPress Hosting

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CMS stands for content management system. To make it simple, this is how you add and manage content on your website. Everything you display on the website is considered content, whether we are talking about pictures, videos, or text.

So the first step is to decide what type of content you want to show. The second is to push the content out.

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS is packed with hosting resources that are rather similar to a dedicated server. You will be using the server resources allocated for you on a server, and the traffic and activities of other websites on the same server will not have an impact on you.

This makes your website blazingly fast, smooth and secure.

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For more information on the Digitalise Penang programme and enrolment details, please visit www.digitalisepenang.com.

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