How to Meet 13 Million Potential Customers / Buyers?


If you own a physical store, it’s time for you to expand your store to ONLINE!!


#1 Everybody Loves the Internet



In today’s digital age, almost everyone is online. The situation has become even more prevalent when the Internet is accessible anytime and anywhere, with smart devices such as smart phones and laptops. Don’t you agree that the majority of us just can’t live without the Internet?

Please don’t misunderstand our ideas. You don’t have to quit your current retail business. Just expand it Online!


If you have an online store, your business will have absolutely NO boundaries. In the previous blog post, we mentioned Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) — buyers will do their research or pre-shopping at home before they visit your physical store.

Other than that, customers can also purchase your products anytime and anywhere, without the constraints of time and location.

Isn’t it great to provide great convenience to your customers?


#2 Too Much Competition

It all goes back to the search. When your business is found online, you stand a chance to compete with your competitors. Rest assured that wise customers today will compare products and prices online before making an offline or online purchase.

Thus, if you have an online store, customers can search your products easily and get to know your promotions beforehand.

Stand out among your competitors now!


The First Workshop On 11street!

So How Can You Open Your Online Store Easily & Sell On Some Sizzling Hot Marketplace such as 11street?


Here we organised the first workshop about 11street on last Tuesday, 2nd of March, at the 10th floor of Suntech @ Penang Cybercity.


Opening your online store easily Synching your products with 11street Start Selling to the HUGE number of potential shoppers at 11street!!


11street is the largest marketplace in South Korea and the 2nd largest marketplace in Indonesia (within 9 months after its launch).



Malaysia is expected to hit 13 millions subscribers soon!

The Good news is, EasyStore merchants can now sync their products and start selling on 11street!

For more information, visit

For more photos, visit:

Expand and earn more profits now!


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