Exabytes Durian Festival 2015 (With Goats This Time)!



Due to the overwhelming response of last year’s Exabytes Durian Festival, this year we continue to organize Exabytes Durian Festival 2015 at Saanen Dairy Goat Farm on 14th June 2015. We chose this venue so that Exabees and our valuable clients (by invitation) could visit the goat farm while enjoying the delicious durians.

Registrations started when Exabytes customers were given an orange sticker to differentiate themselves from public visitors. The crowd began to size up at around 10.00am. Each of us was then given a small bunch of grasses to feed the goats, which allowed us the chance to touch the goats in close distance. Some visitors even had a few selfies with the adorable animals.

At the same time, a great variety of goat milk products were also available at the venue. Have you tried something such as fresh goat milk, goat milk bun, nutmeg goat milk yogurt and goat milk ice-cream? Well, if you are tempted, Saanen Dairy Goat Farm is definitely a must visit. The environment and atmosphere is comfortable and really suitable especially for family events.

The clock soon struck eleven, and it’s the time for some mouth-watering durians! We invited our guests into a private room to start the durian feast. Now this was the best time to have great fun. Customers of Exabytes Network, EasyStore and EasyParcel were seen chat-chatting with Exabees while enjoying the King of Fruits. The event brought the relationship with our customers to a brand new level; some Exabees were also getting direct feedback on our services from our loyal customers.

In the end, everyone had a great time and was truly satisfied with the taste of the durians. We certainly can’t wait to have the next durian festival, so do our customers!

The Organizing Committee of Exabytes Durian Festival 2015


IMG_2917x IMG_2929x
Our valued clients & guests enjoying the delicious durians.

Want to see more photo? Click HERE to see from our Official Exabytes (MY) Page.

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