Google’s New Office in Malaysia is a Wild Indoor Jungle


If you watch the movie “The Internship” before, I bet you are amazed by the Google’s office, right? The-internship-lessonsr

Google’s offices always have something new and quirky. Something fresh appears from time to time to add in to their office space.

Google’s new office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is no exception. Visitors indicated that “Plants sprout from the walls and ceiling, while bright decor makes for an office that feels a lot like a techni-color jungle. There’s a boardroom that looks like a cave, complete with stalactites, and playground swings in the café”.

We are also aware that the entire space is open and connected in order to foster collaboration among employees.

“They wanted a space where everyone could interact – they wanted to get all their people into the same space, and for that space to have a sense of identity that would make their presence known in Kuala Lumpur,” project team leader Ramesh Subramaniam said in a press release. “We used a lot of different elements that relate specifically to Malaysia, but in an abstract way.”

Did you know that Google’s offices were designed by global workplace design firm M Moser Associates, which happens to also have an office in Kuala Lumpur?

For further elaboration, shall we let the pictures do the talking? welcome-to-google-malaysia

Welcome to Google Malaysia!


You must pass through the old but bright blue door in order to enter the reception area.


The common area is filled with this incredibly realistic forest screen, a decoration inspired by nature.


The meeting rooms – a wonderful mix of colors.


Here is the place for Malaysian Googlers queuing up to get their lunch.


The office’s juice and snack bar – simply creative!


For better jungle vibe.


The chess pieces and fun arcade games.

(Source: Business Insider, Madeline Stone)

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