Latest Update on Foreign Workers’ Recruitment Process from Source Countries by FMM on 29 Aug



Following the announcement that the ending of a temporary freeze on applications to hire foreign workers last month, The Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR) recently updated that the foreign workers quota approved to date is about 383,000 while levy has been paid for 330,000 approvals.

MOHR has also informed that all outstanding issues with source countries have been settled and employers need to be aggressive in their recruitment drive as the hiring process is not gaining momentum despite MOHR continuing to approve foreign worker quota applications.

FMM therefore urges their members, particularly those who have applied for workers from Indonesia and Bangladesh, and already paid the levy, to bring in the workers promptly from the respective source countries. Meanwhile, members who have obtained their approval are reminded that levy payment must be done within 30 days of the approval.

FMM is also in the midst of talking to airlines about the possibility of a special charter flight to bring in the foreign workers.

FMM appreciates any feedback from members on specific issues faced in bringing in workers from all source countries relating to the calling visa (VDR – Visa Dengan Rujukan), processing at Embassy, dealing with agents in source countries, processing in source countries, medical screening and issuance of Pas Lawatan Kerja Sementara (PLKS). 

Information credit to: FMM MEMBERS’ ADVISORY

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