Google Trending Searches in Malaysia: An Overview in 2022 


Google's Top Trending Searches in Malaysia

Google examines events, individuals and trending searches continuously from previous years to generate insights and information which are valuable.

According to Google Trends, people in Malaysia were interested in learning more about global and local concerns, national general elections, athletic events, and the newest pop culture headlines.

More than ever, Malaysians emerged from a long era of limits and limitations in 2022 to embrace all life offers, seek objectives, enjoy joy, and connect meaningfully with others, which is evident in google trends Malaysia.

As a result, Malaysian businesses can use trending search data to sell their services and products.

How to Use Search Data on Digital Marketing Strategies

digital marketing services in india

The best digital marketing strategy educates and informs the overall business strategy and marketing objectives.

One can search for Google top searches and create a strategy.

Digital marketing has the advantage of Google’s top searches being particularly data-driven about trending searches, with channels gathering data across the board that can be utilized to generate insights on the clients and their purchasing behaviours.

The same is true for trending searches data, and one place where these insights may be implemented is in your product planning.

1. Google’s search data is available for free

Google offers three free trending search tools that save distinct sorts of data: category data, website data, and user data.

Data from category trending searches teaches us how consumers behave in a certain sector, but data from the own website helps one learn how one existing customer behaves.

Google Search Console dashboard

Google Search Console offers organic google top searches for a particular website.

One can observe the sorts of trending searches for which the site appears in Google’s top search results and which of these most commonly lead to users clicking through.

Google Trends Malaysia displays hot and emerging trending searches in almost any category imaginable.

2. Getting the Most Out of Keyword Data Analysis

When looking at the statistics, the terms with the largest Google top search volumes demonstrate what the bulk of people search for; they are often searched at the beginning of the journey.

However, true insights are found farther down the trending search funnel.

Long-tail search query language can reveal exactly what individuals are thinking and what their intentions are when trending searches volumes are low.

3. Marketers may learn what their clients are looking for by using trending search data.

Knowing what consumers want with Google’s top searches and what they are looking for helps one satisfy their needs.

In this circumstance, not all trending search data is equally helpful.

4. Impression expansion

Being able to benefit from early sales with low competition means being able to capitalize on new Google Trends Malaysia for many shops before they become popular.

google trends screenshot with tiktok ads as the search term

One can use Google top searches data to monitor the impressive growth of products and categories and see where demand is increasing.

If the URL of a product or category is appearing more and more on trending searches, it is a good google top searches that there is a growing demand in this area and that supply/stock needs to be built up in this area so one is ready when demand peaks.

5. New terms

Newly found Google top search terms are trending search phrases that appeared in the previous month but did not appear in the previous month.

This is extremely beneficial when attempting to stay one step ahead of your competition in terms of organically ranking Google top searches high for forthcoming trends as well as on-site merchandising.

6. Search Engine Trends

Google Trends Malaysia may be used to detect seasonal or event-triggered purchasing trends, such as bikinis, festival attire, or stocking fillers.

Looking at the statistics for these trending searches over the previous several years may help one discover when and where demand begins to increase.

Top Ten Trending Searches in Malaysia

Google Landing Page

1. Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia (BKM)

It is one of the most trending searches people did in Malaysia, people continued to search for information to confirm their eligibility for receiving their portion of the government’s aid worth RM8.2 billion, with “Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia (BKM)” earning the top rank this year.

If you have any questions about the semakan status of the permohonan rayuan BKM, you can check the official site:

2. Semak MySPR

Semak MySPR made it to the Google top searches due to Malaysia’s 15th general election.

Semakan daftar pemilih here:

3. ‘World Cup 2022’

Football being one of the most popular sports in the country, ‘World Cup 2022’ ranked third on the trending Google top searches list as Malaysians searched for it.

Hisense World Cup Sponsor

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4. Keputusan PRU 15

Malaysians went to the polls for the 15th general election, and as a result, Keputusan PRU 15 ranked fourth in Google Trends Malaysia.

5. MyUndi

Malaysians went to the polls for the 15th general election as a result of it.

MyUndi ranked fifth in Google Trends Malaysia.

6. ‘Wordle’ 

‘Wordle’ was the top trending search internationally, and Malaysia ranked sixth, as guessing five-letter phrases became a way of life.

7. Peranti Siswa

In Google trends Malaysia, it is in the seventh position. ‘Peranti Siswa,’ a Ministry of Communications and Multimedia effort to distribute gadgets to students from B40 families.

8. Anwar Ibrahim

Malaysians went to the polls for the 15th general election, and the top trending searches in Malaysia were for Anwar Ibrahim, who is in the eighth position.

9. Queen Elizabeth II

As the world grieved her death on September 8, Malaysians were also keen to learn more about the late “Queen Elizabeth II,” who ranked ninth on the Google trends Malaysia list.

10. Mental Age Test

Another online hobby popular among Malaysians is the ‘Mental Age Test,’ which ranks tenth on Google top searches.


One may leverage trending search data to gain deeper insights for clients, bringing value not only from an SEO standpoint but also for the overall organization.

Trending search data may be extremely useful in determining which things to buy and when to buy them, but these Google top search insights can also be utilized to affect your online strategy.

Exabytes can provide SEO services to help your company’s website rank higher in trending searches.

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