How Can Hair Salons Sustain Their Business Amid COVID-19?


 5 Steps to Sustain Hair Saloons Business Amid the COVID19 Pandemic

I believe that many businesses were affected during the MCO, especially Hair Salons.

Unfortunately, many are still struggling with how to sustain their business post-MCO due to the social distancing measure.

Do you run a Hair Salon? If you do, read on!

Here are the 5 Steps to Sustain Your Hair Salon Business Amid the COVID19 Pandemic.

1. Create a Facebook/Instagram Business Page

If your business hasn’t had a social media business page, set up one Today!

Facebook Business Page is a great platform for businesses to increase brand awareness and generate sales on Facebook.

7 steps to create a Facebook business page:

1. Register a Facebook Business Page

2. Enter Your Business Information

3. Upload Your Profile Picture & Cover Photo

4. Invite Friends to Like Your Page

5. Include Additional Business Details

6. Add a Button to Your Page

Congratulations, Your Facebook Business Page is Ready!

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2. Create Infographic and Engagement Posts

Always share some useful tips about hair to your audience. Go for popular topics such as ‘Top 10 Male Hairstyles in 2020’, ‘A Step-by-step Guide to Cut Your Hair At Home’ and more.

You can even create a short video to teach your customers to set their hair.

Remember customers like to engage with sellers who not only sell them the products but also bring value to them (such as giving them valuable advice and tips).

For example, you could share with your audience ‘The 3 Easy Men’s Hairstyles’ and guide them to do it at home.

This is an interesting post which can get the audience’s attention and engage with them.

Customers will like and follow your Facebook Business Page when they think your content is useful and interesting.

3 Easy Men’s Hairstyles by Alex Costa

3 Easy Men’s Hairstyles by Alex Costa

Top 30 Amazing Hair Transformations by Easy Hairstyles

Top 30 Amazing Hair Transformations by Easy Hairstyles

3. Organise Facebook Live

During this challenging time, in which people prefer to stay at home, many will search for more information on how to cut their hair.

You can conduct a Facebook Live to teach your audience how to cut their hair the easiest ways.

Give away useful tips to take care of their hair. While doing your Facebook live, you could sell your hair supplementary products at the same time.

Additionally, share with your audience how you manage your hair and how to use your products during LIVE.

This way you can interact and understand your customers more.

Salon Guidelines (COVID-19) by Tone Hair Salon

Salon Guidelines (Covid-19) by Tone Hair Salon

4. Write Blog Posts or Articles

If you have your own website, feel free to write some useful tips which your customers might be interested in.

Remember content marketing can help increase your website traffic. Your potential customers can get to know your brand when they read your blog posts.

In other words, by doing so, you are building brand awareness so that more customers know your brand and the products or services you are providing.

5. Build Your Online Store

Why should you build an online store for your hair salon?

As I know, many hair salons are still selling hair supplementary products such as Hair Dryer, Spray, Wax, etc.

If you have an online store, all your regular customers will be able to browse the products you offer, enjoy online shopping, and of course, remember your business.

So don’t wait.

Build Your Online Store today and sell your hair supplementary products to both your regular customers and many, many new potential customers who now prefer to buy online.

Number76 Online

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I hope these 5 tips can be an inspiration for you to change your business model and sustain your business Today!

Take the first step to grow your business online!

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