How New Domain Extensions Can Help To Boost SEO



How New Domain Extensions Can Help To Boost SEO?

There’s absolutely no point in creating a slick and super attractive website for your business if nobody can find it? As an entrepreneur, driving organic traffic to your website should be of topmost priority. Sure, you can opt for paid marketing alternatives, but that’s not a viable option as it won’t be sustainable in the long run. What you need a marketing tool that won’t cost much and one that will consistently drive traffic to your website and makes your website ranks high on search engines.

Yes! We’re talking about kickstarting your SEO strategy to boost site traffic to your website. The internet is a highly competitive space and so organic marketing may seem arduous and a tad challenging. While attracting organic traffic has a lot to do with keyword usage and overall content optimization, it also has a lot to do with your domain name.

Owning a relevant and definitive domain name for your website plays a significant role in driving more traffic to your website. How? Well, this article is intended towards unfolding exactly that.

How new domain can help to boost SEO

Website names and site redirects on relevant new domain extensions such as .store, .tech, online, .press, etc. work effectively to boost your SEO game. Most new domain extensions are specifically crafted for a particular industry (.store for retail and eCommerce, .tech for technology, .press for media) and this makes them a brilliant choice for businesses such as yourself looking to acquire a brandable name and to win at SEO.

Why use new domain extensions?

Conventional domains such as .com and .net have been around for ages. Which is why the chances of finding a truly descriptive and meaningful domain name for your website on conventional domains is extremely bleak. This is also down to the fact that short and brandable names on .com or .net are exorbitantly expensive and picking a long name is not only downright awkward but it does very little to build brand confidence.

Benefits of picking a new domain extension:

  • Easy to acquire: New domain extensions are fresh and there’s a high probability that a definitive and brandable name of your choice is available on them.
  • Understandable: Using a definitive new domain extension such as .store or .tech as a suffix is probably the smartest way of implying that you sell online or you’re in the tech business.
  • Mem: Since new domain extensions clearly imply what your business is about, you can get smart with your name choices and pick a short domain name.

How new domain extensions help with SEO

Helps to build backlink traction

Backlinks play a major role to boost SEO and contextually relevant domain names help to rank higher for specific keywords and the anchor text. This helps to attract high-quality backlinks to your website which in turn helps to rank higher on search engines. Another crucial element here is the anchor text.

For instance, if is your website and if you repeatedly get backlinks from other credible websites on the anchor text ‘London food’ and ‘London’ and ‘food tech’, it will give search engines a clear and positive indication regarding the authenticity of your website.

This way, your organic search rank will increase, and it will improve your organic traffic too.

Helps to make your inner website pages more visible

Usually, all SEO activities are targeted towards driving traffic to the homepage or one specific page of your website. However, it gets a bit challenging when you want your website’s inner pages to rank high or if you want to direct traffic to those pages. This is because an inner page has limited content and a long and complicated URL.

You can use a new domain extension to smartly redirect traffic to an inner page of your website. This will also double up as a custom, easy-to-remember URL. For example, redirects to This is a great example of how you can opt for a short and relevant domain name to channel people to a specific inner page on your website.

Helps to create branded URLs

It’s common for businesses to share links from their website across their social media handles. But, did now you have the option to customize every link that you share online and brand it with your own website’s name. Why share a complicated URL such as, when you can creatively brand it with a new domain extension? For example this 


A custom branded URL ensures a higher recall and as is easier to type and remember. This also means that more people will arrive on your website. Another way to creatively use new domain extensions is to pick a memorable and intuitive domain name for your existing URL. And then redirect users to your website. For example, is a short and memorable domain name which redirects to this page on Etsy:

Build your website on a new domain extension and win big at SEO!

Author: Eshan Pancholi
Eshan is a Senior Content Marketing Specialist at Radix, the registry behind some of the most successful new domain extensions, including .STORE and .TECH. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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