Domain Search Tips: How to Find a Domain Name


How to find a domain name

In today’s age, the eCommerce business dominates the economy. Having a presence on the internet in the form of a domain name is critical to succeeding and doing well.

However, how to find a domain name is easier said than done. If you perform a domain search, the sheer variety, and options to deal with are daunting.

A domain search and a domain lookup are the first steps to answer the question “what is my domain”.

An instant domain search or using a domain finder tool will give you thousands of results. Choosing the most appropriate domain name is crucial to starting an eCommerce business journey.

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The Exabytes domain finder tool helps in instant domain search, domain look up and helps start an online business immediately with cheap domain registration.

Things To Consider

  • A domain name is the first interaction of a customer with any enterprise – be it an ecommerce business or a product website.
  • A good brand name is necessary, a suitable logo is also important. The trilogy is only complete when your brand is complemented with an appropriate domain name. Customers who perform a domain search or domain lookup tend to associate a domain name with a brand more than ever before.
  • While performing an instant domain search or domain look up, it is of vital importance to look for a domain name which is short and easy to recollect. No one remembers a very lengthy and complicated domain name.

Top 6 Tips How To Find a Domain Name

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1. Keywords in domain name

Keywords are a lifeline of any business wanting to create a relevant presence online especially for those who using SEO marketing strategies. A search engine recognizes a website by crawling its content and looking up the keywords used.

While registering a domain name, it is necessary to think of a name which has keywords very pertinent to the business.

Tools like domain finder make it easy to perform a domain search and register a domain name.

A name which has business related keywords in the domain ranks better on search engines.

2. A domain search for brandable and unique domain name

Be it an ecommerce store, a personal blog, a service provider or any business – having a domain name that is brandable, unique and easy to recall is of utmost importance.

An instant domain search of the world’s best-known brands will always give a list of names which are simple, catchy and memorable.

While it is difficult to register domain names which are catchy as they are taken up much in advance, a domain lookup of the competitors and other players in the market gives an idea of what works.

Using a domain finder, it is easy to register a cheap domain.

3. Never use double alphabets together

If you think of it, is simple to type. Instead of it, is not easy to remember and search for.

Such domain name registrations end up causing more harm than good to a business.

Double letter domains result in significant loss of visitor traffic to the domain. The complex spelling leads to typing mistakes ending up wasting time for everyone.

Most importantly, a domain lookup or an instant domain search will not even list names properly when prospects or visitors want to search a brand name.

4. Shun hyphens in domain search 

It is best to avoid hyphens in a domain search.  Whenever someone asks, “how to find domain”, answer by saying “leave out hyphens”.

Undeniably, a domain lookup or an instant domain search will list some very popular brands with a hyphen in their domain name.

For example, , however, these are exceptions, not the norm.

A website name should mostly be of words or at the most alpha-numeric i.e., a combination of letters and words. It makes it easy to remember and safe to work with.

Domains which are double lettered or hyphenated result in poor customer experience and ineffective lead generation.

5. A short domain name

When one asks “how to find domain” – the answer is, use a domain finder tool to register a website name which is short, crisp and is a keyword relevant to the business.

A rather lengthy website name with multiple keywords and complicated spellings discourages and drives visitors away from a business.

It might also create a sense of distrust and an impression of a scam or a fraud. A domain lookup of the best business will almost always display short domain names.

Increasingly, as people use a mobile phone to browse the internet and consume ecommerce business services, having a short website name makes it easy and simple for users to type and perform a instant domain search.

6. An adaptable website name

A domain name should be precise and 100% related to the business service while also being a website name which allows for expansion and introduction of new ecommerce business in the future.

A website name like is good. However, it restricts the scope to Penang only as a business area.

If instead of this, one registers – it instantly widens the market to all of Malaysia.

While performing an instant domain search or a domain lookup; thinking how to find domain – choose a best domain which will help you expand an online business or an ecommerce business.

It is also advisable to register a website name with a MYNIC recognized registrar.

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What is a Domain Finder?

It is a tool that helps to perform a domain lookup, an instant domain search to register a website name for any business.

Also called as domain name search tool, it is a tool which helps find a cheap domain and register it in three easy steps – Search, Choose and Buy.

How to use the Exabytes domain finder tool?

    1. Navigate to Exabytes Domain Name Search Tool. 
    2. In the domain finder tool, enter your preferred domain name in the search box. 
    3. Review the search results to determine if the domain is available.
    4. If available, purchase immediately.

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3 Core Tips to Register a Cheap Domain

  • Register for more than one year – Buy a domain name for at least two years to keep your domain costs low. The more years you register, the cheaper it is per year. 
  • Save Time and Energy – Registering a domain for multiple years saves the hassle of renewing every year.
  • SEO Benefits – Google recognizes a website name and its history along with the SEO hard work behind creating it. This results in higher search ranking.

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