Retail Hero Chapter 5: MOG EYEWEAR



Retail Hero Chapter 5: MOG EYEWEAR

Introduction:MOG Logo

2022 marks the beginning of the New Retail era, where  “big data” and “online-offline integration” (aka OMO) have become increasingly relevant for businesses nowadays.

However, certain businesses, especially service based businesses such as the optical industry offering eye assessments and professional consultation, would be tempted to know if online-offline integration is necessary for the industry. “Can big data help my business?”

To clear up the questions, MOG Group, an established optical company with 92 retail stores across the country, told the Exabytes New Retail team how the company made a difference for its brand through big data and digitalization and successfully made a mark in the business world.

MOG Group’s CEO, Datin Bernice Low, revealed to us in a recent interview that digital transformation is an urgent move for the optical industry. She stressed that this isn’t just about technology; it’s also about making eye care services more accessible to everyone.

Pioneering Exceptional Eye Care Services; Help the World See Better

Starting from a small store in Kepong 26 years ago, MOG is now a leading optical brand in Malaysia. MOG believes that everyone deserves to see the best of the world and aspire to be the trusted eye care provider for the community, fulfilling all eye care needs.

Datin Bernice Low, said that a pair of glasses play a different role in different stages of life. So, the idea behind MOG isn’t about selling products, but to provide the best-fit eye care solution for each customer based on their needs, lifestyle, and eye health condition.

“Our relationship with our customers extend way beyond an in-store transaction. It is our core practice to establish a solid bond with our customers by putting their needs above all else, be precise in our consultation, and always maintaining a deep understanding of their eye health situation and needs. We grow with them through different stages of their lifes.”

During the pandemic, most companies have implemented home offices, and the use of electronic products has also increased significantly. The situation has resulted in a rise in vision problems among adults and even children (online learning), which has led to an increasing demand for glasses.

“People who had perfect vision were suddenly short-sighted; people who were short-sighted now have higher power; astigmatism has become more serious,” said Datin Bernice Low.

She subsequently emphasized that the role of MOG is not only to correct vision for customers but also to raise vision health awareness and provide professional eye care advice and services.

Online and Offline Integration; Improve Customer Experience

Digital transformation is very important for every industry in the post-pandemic era, especially in 2022, the first year of New Retail.

MOG is certainly no exception.

For MOG, the most significant benefits derived from digitization are the provision of an improved customer experience and better vision care.

“Using the power of technology, we’ve launched MOG’s very own 6-in-1 Vision Experience to give customers a personalized consultation that takes into account their health, medical history, lifestyle, and more when performing a vision assessment to get highly accurate results. Through our investment in advanced hospital-grade equipment, we’re able to bridge the gap in making eye care more accessible to our community and ensuring to provide customers with the most comfortable vision experience possible befitting their needs.

Moreover, MOG has launched its own APP so that customers can interact with the brand through more convenient channels besides their actively running social media and website. Essentially, this has helped MOG to more effectively interact with online and offline members, understand their needs and consumption patterns using big data, and most importantly, enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“The optical industry is an industry that integrates humanization and professionalism. Therefore, we must integrate online convenience with offline physical interaction so that online and offline can coexist and merge to offer a complete customer experience.”

Begin with the end in mind; Great retail begin with detail

When asked about the future, Datin Bernice Low said that MOG has two major plans. The first one is to set up an MOG fund, which will provide vision protection for the community in need, especially children. The second plan is to establish their vision care academy to shape the next talent and grow the industry while withstanding the belief of helping the world see better.

Datin Bernice Low says that a child’s eyesight will affect their physical and mental development, including their learning abilities, their social skills, their sports and recreational activities, and more. Overall, poor vision can have detrimental effect on the quality of a child’s growth and impact their life adversely. Therefore, she hopes to help children in need improve their vision using the aforementioned fund while raising awareness among parents and the public so that more attention is placed on children’s vision care.

“We also hope to set up an academy to train more professionals and pass on the belief of helping the world see better through exceptional care and precise consultation. Through this initiative, we hope to continuously influence our future generation to carry on the legacy of the optical industry.”

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