Date: 17 November 2013
Venue: Penang Bridge

We’re not sure about you, but at Exabytes, we like to stay fit and healthy! That’s why, last weekend we joined the big crowd of 27,000 people for a marathon (okay, more like support the marathon) along the Penang Bridge as volunteers to give out drinks and cheering for the runners at Water Station 10!


The marathon started at 1AM where we gave out 3000 bottles of 500ml mineral water, 300 bottles of 1500ml 100 Plus and 6000 empty cups to serve over 27,000 of them. The task of pouring drinks into cups and arranging them on the tables seemed easy, but it was more daunting than we had thought. It required us to be super fast, that’s why we had to split the tasks and each person was assigned unique jobs such as, opening the mineral water bottle, pouring water into cup, handing over bottle or cups for runners when they pass by, as well as cheering them up when they pass by our water station.




We had also prepared some musical instruments to cheer up our runners and ourselves, including portable speakers, empty 100 plus bottles, whistles, some mini bells, etc.



Unlike last year, the weather was chilly as it was drizzling that day, but that didn’t stop the runners to finish what they came for and definitely didn’t stop us Exabees to cheer the runners on. Lucky thing we had our rain coats to protect us from getting wet!



Just like last year, this year too, we spotted a few runners in cute costumes! The best thing about them is, they still managed to finish the run even with their costume on! How cool is that? 😀 Some of the runners were also very polite, thanking us for the water given out and even throwing them in the bin when they were done. 🙂












The marathon ended at about 3.30AM and although we were very tired from the cheering and hardwork put to keep the runners going, we were very happy and satisfied to have been there to support the cause. Until next time! 😉

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