Why Is a Premium Domain Such a Valuable Digital Asset for a Business?


Premium Domain Such a Valuable Digital Asset

In the new-age developments, every business considers having a good domain name, and in some cases, the premium domain names could be available or inaccessible basis the brand name, and the URL address interested.

Finding a good domain name is a complex process, and it is important to focus on domain registration strategically.

In earlier times, when the domains were registered by the brands, there was little understanding of how valuable such domain names could transform into a good digital asset.

In the recent past, with the exhaust conditions of the common or little specific kinds of domain names, the importance, and understanding of premium domains and the scope of digital assets are important.

Some of the businesses and professionals eying the increasing value proposition for the domain names have focused on premium domain purchases and holding them as a promising digital asset.

Instances wherein the businesses are having registered premium domain names have leveraged them in the market and have profited from such digital asset holdings.

In the current scenario, there are around 349.9 million domain names across various TLDs.

domain name registration across all tlds
Source: The Domain Name Industry Brief

A few of them are very high quality domains, and some of them being premium domains, the demand for such domains transpiring premium domains as a critical digital asset for the organizations.

Such domain names have significant qualities that support them in outperforming the others for some key functions like digital enablement, online presence management, and marketing.

Unlike the conventional domain names with TLDs, premium domain names are about effective, memorable, and concise, and the ones that can minimize the risk of customers not finding the domain name easily in the internet search.

Globally, many of the popular brands and fortune 500 companies are managing their businesses in line with Exact Brand Match.com domains.

The more success for a brand, it is important for them to ensure investing in the premium domain name, and subsequently, their value proposition is being managed.

Today, high quality domain names are about dealing with facets like customer engagement on the websites, managing extensive online marketing, and search engine marketing.

For businesses, with a vision going beyond running the business, and is about establishing a brand value proposition, the role of a premium domain name becomes an integral part of planning.

Also, such high quality domains can be a very strong strategic digital asset of the organization.

Importance of Premium Domain 

The value of strategic brand assets like the premium domain is relative to how uniqueness and inimitability stand for the specific domain.

Technically, it is about one perfect domain name for the brand, and there is no other kind of strategic equivalent in terms of matching qualities.

Some of the recent studies focusing on global mergers and acquisitions in the last few years have highlighted how the brands are spending on other brand acquisitions spending millions of dollars as goodwill values.

Across many of the popular brand acquisitions, the value proposition in the deals is more for the strategic assets of the brands like the IP, customer relationships, and brand value in the market, rather than that of physical assets or plant & machinery or another kind of tangible assets).

This factor implies the scope of managing the premium domains, and how important digital assets a good domain can transpire for a business.

It is evident from the recent brand acquisitions and mergers about the impeccable role of a good and premium domain name for a business valuation.

1. Premium Domain Names as Strategic Assets

Securing the more appropriate kind of digital domain name is supported well in terms of user repetitions to the websites, lower marketing expenses, and increased direct traffic to the website.

In the absence of good domain names, the chances of increasing costs on online marketing and online presence management can be higher. 

However, when there is a good premium domain in place, there are some savings on the regular spending on online brand management.

Also, in the case of a good domain name, the value of the digital asset can be improvised.

2. Unmatched Competitive Advantage

Brand equity is the value premium that a company generates basis the recognizable name compared to the generic equivalent.

The question to ponder is how long it takes a brand to make its name recognizable, the scope for making its premium domain name a good digital asset and the time frame towards the same.

It is a proven case scenario on how sourcing and securing a premium domain name for the brand is valuable.

However, the scope for creating a good domain name into an effective high quality domain name, and digital assets is complex, and there is a need for a strategic approach for the businesses to focus on such developments.

3. Near Future Dynamics

The TLDs available for domain registration have been increasing and different dynamics are emerging in the domain extensions. 

However, in the recent past, there are developments wherein some of the new-age domains like three-letter extensions, dictionary word extensions, and brand name extensions are available for businesses. 

Though there could be some additional costs integral to the process of getting such domain names registered, over the long-term such domain registrations can transpire into a premium domain and can be a good digital asset for businesses.

Managing the business strategic planning, focusing on the domain name registrations strategically, and choosing the domain registrations for the long-term can help in securing the premium domain name for a long.

In addition to securing the domain, if the businesses can manage to deal with domain marketing like the search engine rankings, traffic to the website, etc. effectively dealt with, the scope of premium domains gaining better values is feasible.

To know more about the scope of premium domain registration and for the support system to improve the high quality domain in terms of its digital asset value, reach out to the Exabytes Malaysia team for technical support.

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