How to Protect Your Company Brand Safety with .MY Domain


Protect company brand safety with .MY domain

One of the most significant assets of an organization is its company brand name, which its website domain name can represent.

It makes it simple for customers, prospects, and business partners to locate the company’s website and operations. 

A unique website name that ends with .my domain extension creates an identity for a business within the Malaysian markets.

It especially makes more sense for any business – be it a product website, eCommerce or an online store, to buy domain Malaysia for a company.

A .my domain helps make an instant connection with the Malaysian community and the local industry.

While the usage of Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) is recommended, it also comes with its own threats of disreputable people trying to malign the originality of the website by registering typos and other variants of the .my domain business name.

Once you’ve identified potential names for your website in the .my domain database, you should consult legal counsel to carry out a proper trademark availability search and uncover any rivals who are using names identical to those ending in .my domain.

It is extremely important to ensure the .my domain of your choice does not have any resemblance with another company brand or business name that has copyright protection.

There could be very severe legal complications and unwanted issues to deal with.

They could also be expensive litigations which drain financial resources.

One must explore trademarking any chosen .my domain name for safety and security.

In order to protect a company brand’s safety with .my domain, it is necessary to ensure proper precautions are taken, more so while registering a .my domain.

Precautions to Take When Registering a Domain Name

1. Purchase alternative extensions

My Domain Extension

Registering a single .my domain name does not guarantee exclusive rights to the company brand name.

If the website name is popular or generic, there are good reasons for someone else to register an identical second-level company domain in another extension.

The MYNIC registry has more than 1,000 extensions to choose for second-level company domain for example:

.MY Domain Registration Requirements
.my for Malaysian individuals and organizations for commercial organisation / activities for network-related organisatio/activities for organisation/activities which do now qualify for another categories for Malaysian educational organisation only for Malaysian government orgnisation only for Malaysian military orgnisation only for Malaysian individual’s personal use only for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Without registration of second level domains, safeguarding brand identity becomes very challenging.

2. Online brand protection to protect your company brand

Your company’s brand and .my domain name are significant assets, therefore keeping them safe should be a primary concern.

It is easy and simple to work with reputed domain registrars like Exabytes who offer professional advise during the process of domain registration to help secure as many domain extensions as possible for a brand.

It is a small but important step to take in order to make sure that your company domain remains safe for years to come.

3. Consider purchasing typos along with the company brand

The purchase of typos of the company domain names should be considered by owners of developing and well-known websites.

The company brand domain is frequently mistyped by consumers, especially when using a mobile device.

Typical errors include

  • Reversing the letters
  • Cutting out letters
  • Misspelling challenging words
  • Spelling out a digit when it should be a number (such as two and four) or the opposite

Numerous combinations exist, and the budget probably won’t allow for them all.

However, .my domains from Exabytes are priced affordably which helps in registering a larger number of .my and second level domains.

4. Register company brands and product names

It is worthwhile to invest in registering company domains that have the brand name or is related to the product categories belonging to the business. 

Doing so helps in ensuring competitors do not register domains which are similar in nature and exploit the efforts put in to create brand equity.

It is an effective safety net to protect company brand. 

5. Make sure your company domain is secured

Secure your company domain

Check out Domain Vault, a solution that integrates numerous essential security features for domains, including registry lock, for the highest level of company domain ID protection.

In the event that modifications to important company domain settings are required, only authorized people would be able to request them after passing through a series of a machine and human verification steps.

How to Secure a .MY Domain Name?

Do’s Don’ts
Integrate a locality based keywords into your .my domain name In your .my domain name, avoid using dashes, abbreviations, or digits
Named ownership of .my domain name Register multiple .my domain extensions
Timely renewal of .my domain name registration Don’t buy a .my domain without researching its history


Integrate a locality based keywords into your .my domain name

If the focused clients are from Malaysia, you should be focusing on .My domain for brand domain name.

This is possible by mentioning the place name with the brand; for example

Named ownership of .my domain name

Some business owners make the mistake of not ensuring that whoever registers their company domain name does so in the name of the company owner.

It is important that all website names – be it .my domain or something else, is registered in the name of the company to establish ownership.

Timely renewal of .my domain name registration

If you do not renew your .my domain name, it will expire and be available for purchase by anybody.

It results in the loss of all efforts put in to create brand awareness around that domain name. 

To avoid loss of domain name, one must ensure that anytime you acquire a .my domain, purchase it for five to ten years or set up auto-renewal so you don’t lose track of it.

Exabytes E Business branding


In your .my domain name, avoid using dashes, abbreviations, or digits

Avoid using dashes, abbreviations, or digits that can make it difficult to recall. Instead, create a memorable company brand name that accurately represents your organization and its line of business.

A smart domain name also works as a keyword for your company domain, which will help in achieving organic growth on SEO practices.

Register multiple .my domain extensions

When you register your .my domain name, you will be flooded with offers to buy other extensions such as .net and .co.

Most small firms do not require this, but if your company operates on a large scale, you should consider purchasing it from secure and leading domain registrar.

Don’t buy a .my domain without researching its history

Even accessible domains might be subject to legal action if the name is too close to the trademark of another company.

It is highly critical that you do a background check and a detailed verification before you buy domain Malaysia.

It is easy to find and know the history of a domain using .my domain history from registrars like Exabytes.

Your business expands from the moment you choose a .my domain name.

Exabytes offers over 400 different domain extensions, as well as comes with WHOIS domain protection.

Connect with an Exabytes website hosting and domain registration professional to learn more.

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