Never Forget to Renew Your Domain! What If Your Domain Expires?


What If Your Domain Expires?

The company can suffer greatly if it forgets to renew domain name. It can take 24 to 48 hours to renew domains once they’ve expired.

According to a study by the Shopping cart elite, a 6-hour downtime will cause a 30% decline in your website’s ranks.

The research also says a power outage for expired domains might harm the company for 60 days.

To fix such harm, extensive SEO would be required over time before one renew domain. The company might be negatively impacted by just six hours of downtime with expired domains.

Imagine the harm a 48-hour expired domains outage would have to your brand and finances.

Why Should One Never Forget to Renew Domain

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The company is recognized by its domain name. Losing the domain name because one forgot to renew domain and moving to a new one means starting from scratch, instead of one should renew the domain name.

1# One can keep the domain name if one doesn’t renew expired domains

If users don’t renew their expired domains name, someone else can buy it. Anyone, even competing businesses, might claim it.

One has 30–40 days to renew domains name once it expires. The grace period to renew domain is this time frame.

The expired domains would be shifted to the redemption period if the renewal wasn’t completed during the grace period. Another 30 days would pass throughout this time frame.

If one attempted to renew domain name during the redemption period, the renewal grace period would be far more expensive. The expired domains name becomes public five days after the redemption window.

2# Experience higher uptime

All services related to your expired domains names, such as your email address and others, will be suspended when they expire.

The prolonged outage period will discourage many website visitors from contacting the company and cast doubt on the legitimacy of the site.

One won’t experience any of these issues if one renews domain on time.

3# Better rankings on search engines

A parking page replaces your expired domains when it becomes inactive. The rankings on search engines are negatively impacted.

To repair it and get it back on track, the SEO team would have to put in more time.

Google and other search engines will continuously try to crawl and check on the expired domains site since they can’t tell if it’s down or dead.

The search engine rankings will eventually decline.

4# Avoid fraud

People who are overly preoccupied with their work may not pay attention to domain expiry checks and other such expired domains issues, or they may not even be aware of them.

Fraudsters profit from these people. These spoofers send official-looking renew domain emails that appear to be official notices.

People who are unaware of the intricacies and do domain expiry checks could pay astronomical sums.

It would be too late by the time they realize their mistake. Such concerns would be eliminated by enabling an auto-renew domain using your official domain account panel.

5# Keep your identity safe

It is not a waste of money to renew domain; rather, it is a wise investment. Businesses put effort into creating their website domain; it is the result of imagination and commitment.

All they have to do is purchase an openly available, expired domains name and point it to their website.

The expired website names also have a wealth of important data, like established web traffic and backlinks.

It might cost the business thousands of dollars if you make the party that successfully acquired the domain aware of your wish to purchase it.

What Happens When Your Domain Name Expires?

The Expired Registration Recovery Policy was adopted on August 31, 2013, by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

According to the policy, registrars must inform registrants of crucial details relating to expired domains, redemption procedures, and fees. One can easily find this information on the registrar’s website.

1# Grace duration

An expired domains enters a grace period once it expires. The expired website name is disabled for this time, however, one may renew it using the domain registrar account.

Most generic top-level domains may be offered a non-guaranteed 29-day grace period for renewal by our registrar partners (gTLDs).

There isn’t a grace period that was promised. The registrar partners have complete discretion over how to deal with expired domains, as per the terms of the registration agreement.

The expired domains could enter a redemption grace period once the grace period expires.

2# Transferring the expired domains

Generic top-level expired domains that have reached the end of their grace period may still be transferred to another registrar in accordance with ICANN rules and regulations.

Transfers must be completed before the expired domains redemption period begins.

3# Redemption duration

Expired domains may enter redemption status after having passed through any appropriate expiration grace period.

After the registrar sends a deletion request to the registry, there is a grace period for redemption.


During this time, the expired domains may only be recovered by the prior registrant, and only through the prior registrar.

For certain TLDs, the redemption grace period is referred to by a different name. “Pending Delete – Restorable” is equivalent, for instance.

4# Deletion timeframe

After redemption, the first five days are referred to as “Pending Delete.” The expired domains is held by the registry during this period and cannot be retrieved.

After the Registry deletes an expired domains name, anybody may buy it as a new domain on a first-come, first-served basis.

The cornerstone of your business is your domain. It serves as the foundation of your company’s communications, your brand, and your front door. That’s why it is suggested to do domain expiry check once in a while.

Missing the deadline to renew domain will cause more harm than good. All the excellent work done over the years will be undone, along with any loss of clientele and reputation.

If you don’t want to face this issue, you should turn on auto-renewal with Exabytes domain service in Malaysia. To find out more from our experts, contact us now.

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