More Reasons / Benefits for Your Website to Go Mobile!


Hey Hey! I believe many of you are well aware of the recent announcement by Google on SEO, right? Google made an announcement that it will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal, a change which will affect all mobile searches worldwide and have a significant impact on its search results. The big day is 21 April 2015. Guys, mark your calendar!


Changes That We Will See

Before 21 April – If your website ranks well on the desktop Search Engine Results Page (SERP), it usually also ranks well on the mobile SERP.

After 21 April – Mobile-friendly websites will see a significant boost in rankings on mobile SERP.

In other words, mobile-friendly websites will certainly have a greater advantage in search rankings when someone performs a search on his mobile.

The BEST Way to Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

So I guess this is the question that pops out in your mind: How to have a mobile-friendly website? If you have a website already, it’s highly recommended for you to change to WordPress platform, which is best known to be search engine friendly.


According to WordPress Apprentice, Google Engineer Matt Cutts, WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues. Other than that, WordPress has a lot of useful plugins available such as the FREE Yoast SEO plugin to further enhance search engine friendliness!

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Moreover, in order to boost mobile-friendliness, your website layout must be responsive so that visitors can read your website easily. Well, it is not an issue anymore when you choose WordPress for your website because of the numerous FREE, high quality, responsive and beautiful themes available.

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So are you ready to Go-Mobile? For more information, visit our website to understand more!

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