How to Make Your Current Website Mobile Friendly?


In the previous blog post, we mentioned that Google has changed its ranking signal, where mobile friendliness is one of the important criteria for a good ranking and to be FOUND in Google Search.


GoogleTM Mobile Friendly Search


That being said, here is Go Mobi, which is one of the features of our power hosting plan. In case you don’t know, Go Mobi is a platform where you can EASILY build a mobile version of your website!

The Benefits of Using Go Mobi

#1 Easy-to-use mobile site builder

GoMobi design template

Everything goes simple with Go Mobi. It offers a range of customizable templates that allow you to customize with colours, icons, logos and so forth. By doing so, Go Mobi offers you the freedom to build your mobile site the way you want it – no HTML or CSS editing required!

You can be the designer as well 😛

#2 Enhance web accessibility

GoMobi design template

In Go Mobi, you can add in the features to your website for your customers’ convenience. For example, a “Call In” button can be added to allow potential customers to contact you for enquiries while skipping through all the complicated links and details on the website which are too inconvenient to be viewed on their mobile device.

GoMobi design template

This also helps in increasing sales, as the click-to-call feature encourages more potential customers to engage with your business and generate more sales.

#3 Locate your business on Google Maps

GoMobi design template

Customers tend to get frustrated when they could not get to the right location of your premise. It is not only a hassle but also dangerous for your customer to be contacting you while they are on the road. With the built-in Google Maps plugin in Go Mobi, your customers will be able to obtain directions from their present location to your business easily and accurately!

#4 Works On All Mobile Devices

GoMobi example

Worry not that your website does not go well with other devices as the mobile-friendly website designed with Go Mobi is fully compatible with all major smartphones including iPhone, Android, Blackberry or even Windows 7 phones.


#5 QR Code

GoMobi design template

Needless to mention, with the advanced technology nowadays, you can direct your offline customers to your online website through QR codes printed on flyers or newspaper. With a convenient QR code scanner, customers can access and find your site from virtually almost anywhere quickly and easily!

#6 One connection

GoMobi example design

What else? When talking about going mobile, we always relate it to social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Go Mobi also encourages conversations and brand mentions by customers to share site contents to their favourite social media platforms.

Behold, the power of social media: FREE impressions!

#7 Highlight your promotional codes

GoMobi coupon template

Having coupons on your mobile website has been proven to be effective at driving sales and encouraging impulse purchases.

With Go Mobi, you can create special offers and redeemable online coupons that do not just suit your business and convert leads into potential sales, but are also available to be shared online via social media. Hence, with more shares, the more the news spread, resulting in more sales!

Try Go Mobi Now! For more information:

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