4 Reasons Why You Should Go for Multi-year Domain Registration


4 Reasons Why You Should Go for Multi-year Domain Registration

When it comes to buying something, one of the most important concerns is usually the “Price”.

Many of us usually ask for cheaper and cheaper prices.

However, for domain registration, it’s simply more than prices!

And this is also why one should register his/her domain name for multiple years.  

Let’s check it out!

1. Save Time, Effort and Lower the Risks of Losing Your Domain

Multi-year domain registration prevents your domain from expiring too soon.

This can save a lot of hassle as registering an expired domain can be very complicated, and there are risks that your domain might be used for unethical activities.

Here is an example of an expired domain, which was registered by 3rd party to attempt launching an attack on Dell customers.

Dell forgot to renew the PC data recovery domain in 2017.

Source: The Register 

2. Save More with One Lump Sum Payment

New domain registration can be a lot cheaper (for the 1st year).

But when it comes to domain renewal, the fee goes back to normal. Registering a domain for a long period of time can avoid paying for high renewal fees.

Moreover, some domain registrars/hosting providers even offer Big Discounts for multi-year domain registration so that customers can save more.

Here is an Example:

Register a .MY Domain for 1st yr and renew year after year.

1st yr registered: RM120

2nd yr renewal: RM120

3rd yr renewal: RM120

4th yr renewal: RM120

Total: RM480

Register a .MY Domain for 5 years.

Exabytes’ current promo
Get 5 yrs at RM79.80/year

Total RM399 for 5 yrs


Other than .MY domain, .COM domains have the same deals as well.

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3. Helps in Your SEO Ranking

Google has higher confidence towards those who are serious about keeping their business around for a long time.

4. Tell Google “You’re Not SPAM“

Google sees domain registered for a longer time as something more reliable (lower chances of being a spammer).

This can influence Google’s sandbox effect for newer sites.

Act wise, and never lose your domain! Search your domain here!