Exabytes Conn8ct Partners Meetup



It’s a wrap for the Exabytes Conn8ct Partners Meetup!

We hosted this casual meetup to bring our valuable partners and customers closer together.

There are more than 40 attendees who came for this session.

It was a successful event that lets Exabytes, partners and customers to engage and gain valuable insights from each other.

The meetup was held this morning at Awesome Canteen Sekeping Victoria — an open rustic and relaxed space.



What is Conn8ct?

Conn8ct is a casual meetup session to bring our partners and customers closer.

This session gives our customers opportunities to reach out directly to our partners and get the solution to their online presence.

Topics can range from building your WordPress website or conversing about mobile apps design.

It could also be about understanding digital marketing or website security.

In short, Conn8ct provides a common platform for everyone to seek efficient services high-performance online presence.

This face-to-face meetup is for those who seek the following solutions:

  1. WordPress Website
  2. Web Design services
  3. Mobile App services
  4. Digital Marketing services
  5. Assistance with the current website




In this meetup, Exabytes sent the team of diverse expertise for a better and more comprehensive support.

Among those who were present are VP of Marketing (Vickson Tan), Manager of Sales (Kevin Ooi), Manager of Customer Services (Sharon Teoh), Manager of Digital Marketing (Nhu Nguyen) and Assistant Manager of Tech Support (Jayden Moey).

Exabytes and partners have reached out to understand the problems faced by our customers.

This way, we helped clients to step-up and grow their business online. In addition, we opened for feedback from both partners and clients.

It helped to set the bar higher to further improve our support and services.




We were grateful that the turnout was great and the conversation was productive!

It was a pleasing experience for everyone and we hope that Conn8ct meetup can further help to strengthen the relationship between Exabytes, Partners and our customers.

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Look forward to the next meetup!