SME Malaysia’s Digital Transformation with Google Workspace


Digital Transformation 

Digital economy accelerates the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and enterprises in Malaysia with cloud adoption for the organization.

Migrating to Google Workspace for a business is a big decision, which transforms the ability of employees, team members and customers to work with flexibility.  

According to Science and technology minister – Datuk Seri DR Adham Baba, the digital economy of SMEs Malaysia contributes to 22.6% of the country’s GDP and could potentially create 500,000 jobs by 2025. 

Moving work to cloud platforms such as Google Workspace, Slack, Adobe, Salesforce, Zoho, and Microsoft 365 can fasten the digital growth in enterprise Malaysia as remote working and hybrid working is possible with these online collaboration tools.

Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite)

Google Workspace or Google cloud platform includes the collaboration tools and productivity apps such as- Meet, Slides, Drive, Docs, Gmail, Calendar, etc.

It is a collection of online collaboration apps and software, developed by Google. The enterprise Malaysia community has embraced Google Workspace to promote online collaboration and go digital.

The GWS suite of apps and services keeps the work files safe and provides administrator access to the managers which gives them control over operations and daily work.

A very large section of Enterprise Malaysia has already signed up for Google Workspace plans and are using its storage, shared drives, emails, and calendars. 

SME Malaysia digital transformation with Google Workspace

Why are SMEs moving to Google Workspace? 

A survey released by Huawei Technologies and SME Corp shows that cloud computing, IoT and data analytics is uncommon among MSMEs.

It also means that cloud storage solutions like Google Workspace still have a lot of ground to cover in spreading their services within the larger enterprise Malaysia community.

However, the SMEs Malaysia section of the economy has integrated Google Workspace within their business operations to a considerable extent.

This is because their work load, data storage requirements and online collaboration needs are more than MSMEs.  

5 Reasons why SMEs prefer Google Migration 

  • Quality Suite The GW suite is a enables SMEs within the enterprise Malaysia group to achieve better output and productivity using the high quality cloud solutions, applications, and features of Google Workspace. Apps such as Google Sites, Google Assistant and Google Drive are applications that ensures reliability with google workspace.  
  • Easy to Use – Google is familiar to all, and the use of Gmail is common for everyone, which makes it easy for businesses to integrate their operations with Google Workspace
  • Increased Control and Features SMEs have small number of employees and team members; however, the work management is improper due to lack of understanding about tools. Google Workspace makes an organization control over the schedule, meeting time, note completion, project updates and real-time conversations. The GWS applications such as Google Calendar, Google Keep, Google Documents, Google Meet ensures increased control with useful features for SMEs Malaysia.
  • Business mail – Customers in enterprise Malaysia are more likely to buy products if a business sends regular newsletters about their products and services to them. Custom business email by Google Workspace helps the SMEs to build customer’s trust and promote the brand. 
  • Easy Access – Google Workspace is a great solution for SMEs as it is affordable and easy to use for managers in document collaboration, team conference, creating and sharing documents. Enterprise Malaysia’s managers can work easily using GWS because documents, presentations and other work can be shared efficiently with teammates. 

SMEs often start their Google Workspace journey with the Business Starter pack while large business prefer the business plus pack to get advance features of GWS.

Work with Google Workspace 

SMEs are moving towards embracing Google Workspace and increasing productivity and collaboration within their businesses. Decision makers should know the following benefits of GWS to finalize the plan for their business. 

24 x 7 Accessibility 

Google Workspace ensures that businesses do not loose access to their documents, spreadsheets, and other files. 

Managers in SMEs Malaysia can work with peace of mind as GWS provides a copy of the files hosted locally for offline use as well. 

Google Workspace assures of 99.9% service level agreement (SLA) because it has never receives downtime maintenance. 

Productivity and Efficiency 

Companies are competing globally and feeling immense pressure to meet the needs of the customers. 

Google Workspace allows managers to collaborate and work with all the team members via Google Meet, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Keep and more productivity tools by google. 

The new way of working in SMEs Malaysia is minimizing the workloads by outweighing the inefficiencies of computer dependent productivity tools. 


Being able to access every document, every spreadsheet, or any file from anywhere and anytime is helpful for businesses, especially the very busy SMEs Malaysia community. 

Google Workspace is a cloud-based service that allows users to access their Google Drive – which contains all the storage files.

SMEs Malaysia companies have the freedom to be mobile without holding on to any specific device. 

Simplicity in Management

Configuration is minimal for the users that helps them to understand the Google Workspace interface, as it uses specific APIs for the similar purpose. 

It is surprising that Google Workspace keeps its interface simple and effective for online collaboration, even when it adds dozens of new features to the GWS suite.

Final Words 

Overall, enterprises should know that Google Workspace tools helps a management to make conscious decisions, while focusing on different tasks at a same time. 

To achieve a desired outcome in businesses of enterprise Malaysia, a manager implements tools such as Google Keep – to make notes, Google Meet to create video meetings, Google slide- to make presentations, Google docs – to write confidential documents, and Google drive to store and access Google Workspace with mobility. 

Organizational skills are dominant for a manager and Google Workspace cloud benefits in maintaining the daily work with sufficient energy, mental capacity, and strength. 

At Exabytes, SMEs Malaysia can get Google Workspace productivity tools to store documents, emails and conduct voice calls, meetings with security controls. 

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