How to Migrate Website to a New Host: Hassle-Free or Manually


how to migrate website to a new host

Changing your web hosting provider is a tough job, but if one gets the right guidance it does not take much time to migrate website to a new one.

Most new webhost help to switch websites.

On the other hand, customers also have the option of performing website migration manually.

If the question in mind is – “How to Transfer Website Hosting”¸ please read on.

What is Web Hosting Migration?

A website hosting migration is a process of web hosting where all the data of a website including web-pages, emails, databases and other files are transferred from one web host to another. 

The migration of website can be called successful when the website starts functioning from the new hosting provider’s servers without any glitch.

Web Hosting Migration

Migrating web hosting into a completely new host is hassle-free, only if one goes with a reliable service provider or a webhost with 24 x 7 x 365 support for customers to seek assistance whenever needed.

Web hosting migration is done in two ways:

  • Outsourcing the website migration
  • Manually switch website

a. Outsourcing the Website Migration

Both methods can be exhausting for website switch, therefore, we recommended one migrate website through hosting, only after consultation and research with several service providers in Malaysia.

Web hosting migration can cost time and money if one fails to find quality and price benefits from a webhost offering website migration service.

For hassle free switch website or website migration, the Exabytes’ Switch2Us Program is a good option and service.

When customers sign up for Switch2Us – they get a long list of benefits, features and services from Exabytes. Some of these are:

b. Migrate the Website to a New Host Manually in 6 Steps

  1. Purchase a New Hosting for Website Migration
  2. Export the backup files of your website
  3. Download your backup files to a new host
  4. Import the backup files and database to a new host
  5. Domain Name
  6. Review

To transfer the web hosting manually, one needs to follow these 6 steps:

Migrate Website Manually

Step 1: Purchase a New Hosting for Website Migration 

A new host should improve the experience and give one higher visibility during web hosting for website switch.

Thus, you need to choose and purchase a new hosting before migration carefully.

When you migrate website, you should consider the specifications and offers that the new website hosting provider has to offer.

Always purchase a new hosting that is better than your old host.

Some of the points to consider while purchasing a new hosting:

  • Secure and switch websites through a State-of-the-art data center – in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • High network uptime without any interruption – Exabytes offers 99.9% Network Uptime for a minimum period of 364 days and 15.2 hours.
  • Website creation tools for easy integration in web hosting
  • Overall, impressive user experience to migrate website and value for money

Step 2: Export the backup files of your website 

After purchasing the new host, export the backup files of your website from your old host and transfer it to the new web hosting platform.

A website backup is necessary to migrate the website to a new host.

If your current service provider does not offer backup, you can log in to your cPanel to download a backup to switch website manually.

It is an easy process to backup files and data from the website. One must make sure that the new host offers backup with a web hosting plan.

Step 3: Download your backup files to a new host 

Website files from your old host can migrate the website to a new host by downloading your backup through cPanel.

Follow these steps to download the backup:

  1. Select Database Backups while web hosting
  2. Choose the backup data which you want to download and click show databases
  3. Select the recent backup and click Download

When your files are ready for download, you can prepare to transfer it to a new host. 

Step 4: Import the backup files and database to a new host 

Some of the important steps that one may follow for web hosting import:

cpanel file manager compress

  1. Navigate from Files > File manager to switch website on hPanel.
  2. In the public_html folder, go to wp-config.php file and select edit.
  3. As you access the folder, you can add your new database details while web hosting through codes such as DB_PASSWORD, DB_HOST etc.

Step 5: Domain Name

A new host is ready when the backup files are transferred and updated with the switch of website details.

The next step is to update the Domain Name System or DNS, or one can purchase a new name with Exabytes for web hosting.

If one wants the old domain name, one can initiate a domain name transfer while one does migrate website manually.

Step 6: Review 

One would need to review and test after migration if the new switch website host is working seamlessly.

The process to migrate website manually is a time-taking and manual task. To switch website one has to make sure that all the steps are seamlessly followed.

To avoid all these hassles, webhost service providers like Exabytes offer to migrate website for customers.

With a technically trained team of professionals taking care of the website migration and web hosting, it is a smooth experience for customers when they sign-up and come onboard.

Contact us to get advice from our experts and switch websites hassle-free.

Basic FAQs About the Migrate Website

1. Can someone help me migrate my old website to new one?

Yes, Exabytes Malaysia offers the right guidance and steps for one to follow to get started with the process with no-hassle during web hosting.  

2. Can I move my website to another host?

Yes, one can switch websites at another host by signing up with the new hosting provider and following the above 6 steps.

3. What are Exabytes’ plans to transfer your website?

transfer to cPanel web hosting
Switch2Us Program – Switch to cPanel hosting
  • cPanel 13 Max – RM139.99/month
  • cPanel 13 Pro – RM49.99/month 
  • cPanel 13 Plus – RM29.99/month
  • cPanel 13 Beginner – RM19.99/month

Switch2Us Program

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