The 8th Exabytes Designer Club (EDC) Gathering


8th edc gathering

Holla everyone! We’re so glad to have organized another EDC gathering! Thanks a bunch to all our members who supported us and attended the event at Starbucks Coffee, Pulau Tikus on Wednesday (26 Aug).

For this gathering, we had the pleasure to invite Vin Lim, the co-founder & CEO of Green Room, a leading mobile apps & web development company with portfolio covering major international & local brands.

Vin Lim

Vin shared with us the future of web development, Polymers. The web components are reusable user interface widgets that were created using open Web technology. For more information about Polymer, please refer to this website:

8th edc gathering at Starbucks Burma Road, Penang

 Another speaker we were pleased to have was Chun Woei , the founder of Urban Cr3atures, a company that manages projects locally and collaborates with designers and clients in the area of motion graphic design, graphic design, music video, online media and interactive design from the USA, UK, Brazil, France, Mexico, Germany, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

 Chun Woei

Chun Woei shared on his experience and passion for design. According to him, it’s not only design that makes a brand successful. The culture of a brand is what makes a product/company an icon and identity!

8th edc gathering at Starbucks Burma Road, Penang

8th edc gathering Group photo

 We hope you enjoyed your Starbucks drinks and most importantly, the sharing conducted by our speakers! Please give us your valuable feedback so that we can improve ourselves to serve you better!

8th edc gathering instant photo

Interested to be a part of the family, and learn and have fun at the same time? Join us at and enjoy the benefits of being an EDC member today!

See you soon at the next gathering!

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