BIG NEWS! Your website will be marked as insecure if you do not have HTTPS



SSL secure your website.

SSL secure more internet users, Google will warn every Google Chrome user who tries to visit HTTP websites that contain password or credit card form fields.

This new implementation is to provide a more secure browsing experience and is expected to push countless website owners to apply encryption / go for SSL certificate for their websites.

When is the implementation?

It is effective from January 2017 with Chrome 56.

WHY launch this implementation?

Users’ information are important and should always be kept safely. Transmitting sensitive information such as credit card numbers over an HTTP website is not safe as the information can be intercepted by hackers.

What if I have not converted my site to HTTPS yet?

Your site visitors will see the warning “Not Secure” when they visit HTTP websites that contain password or credit card form fields. In later stage, the security indicator will be a red triangle previously used for broken HTTPS websites.

Thus there is no reason not to implement SSL encryption now! Here are MORE reasons that you need SSL.

Why You Need SSL?

#1 Prevent Your Customers’ Sensitive Data Such As Credit Card Numbers And Passwords From Being Intercepted By A Third Party.

#2 To Help Visitors To Identify Your Website As Legitimate And Increase Visitor Trust.

#3 Make Potential Customers Feel Safe And Confident To Perform Online Transactions Or Do Business With You.

#4 Higher visitor/customer trust, more transactions and better sales

The use of an SSL certificate on a website is usually indicated by a padlock icon on web browsers but it can also be indicated by a green address bar. Therefore, show the green indicator to your users instead of a red triangle.

Don’t wait! If you wish to know more about how SSL Certificate works, click HERE.

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