Wish to find out how to register a payment gateway account in Malaysia? Online payment and online banking have changed the way shoppers shop, buy and pay, as well as the way business owners conduct their business. In fact, online payment has revolutionized e-commerce and banking. As more and more companies open their online store, the e-commerce sector in Malaysia is rapidly expanding.

In this blog post, we’re pleased to present a step-by-step guide to registering an account with various payment gateways.

1. How to Register Stripe Account?

Step 1: Go to Stripe & Create your account.


Step 2: Login to your dashboard.


Step 3: Click on ‘verify your email’. A verification email will be sent to your registered email address.

strip-registrationStep 4: Click on ‘VERIFY’ in your email.

Step 5: Go back to the Stripe dashboard and click “activate account”.


Step 6: Fill out the information and credentials.


Step 7: Submit Application.

Step 8: Wait for 1-2 weeks for Stripe to verify your application.


2. How to Register Payhalal Account?

Step 1: Registering a Merchant Account

To register an online merchant account, fill out the application form, prepare the supporting documents in the checklist and email to [email protected] / [email protected] upon completion.

Step 2: Application Processed by PayHalal.

PayHalal will revert with a Business Proposal offering the MDR Rate based on the application form. Merchants should reply with a signed copy of the business proposal.

Step 3: Integration & Sandbox Testing.

Once the application process is done, PayHalal will proceed with integration and sandbox testing (using the registered online account).

Step 4: Ready to Use PayHalal.

Upon successful sandbox testing, merchants should notify PayHalal to activate their account from Sandbox to Live.


3. How to Register Billplz Account?

Step 1: Sign up for a Billplz account.

Be ready to submit your information as follows:

  • Email
  • Mobile Number
  • Password
  • Name as per MyKad/Passport
  • MyKad / Passport Number
  • Bank Name
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank Account Statement header


Step 2: A verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number.  

Step 3: Fill out the individual’s information and the Organization’s information.



4. How to Register iPay88 Account?

Step 1: Prepare the documents.

  1. Complete iPay88 Application form. Attach necessary documents and the setup cost. 
  2. Required Documents:

ipay88-registration3. All documents must be valid on the date of application.

4. All documents submitted are not returnable.

Step 2: Application is being processed. 

  1. All applications will be processed & evaluated by iPay88.
  2. Results of application shall be released within 1-2 working days via email.
  3. Upon approval, a Merchant Agreement will be released to the applicant.

Step 3: Complete the following documents and send to iPay88.

  1. Merchant Agreement
  2. Addendum (if choose to use Pospay) 
  3. Website Requirement Compliance List

Step 4: Integration and testing 

  1. iPay88’s technical team will contact the merchant to arrange for integration and testing.

Step 5: Make the payment

Make the following payments:



5. How to Register SenangPay Account?

Step 1: Registration 

  1. Compare the differences here.
  2. Sign Up follow the step procedures and make the payment
  3. Start selling with FPX features.

However, please note that your FPX settlement will not be processed until you have submitted the required documents.

Step 2: Verification

  1. Please complete the submission of the documents on your dashboard within 5 days. Check the list of the required documents here.
  2. The senangPay team will verify your document submission before submitting it to the acquired bank. Next, senangPay will call you for details.

Once verified, you can start receiving the FPX settlement as per scheduled.

Step 3: Approval 

  1. To enable credit card feature, the acquired bank will review your submission in 7 days. Prohibited or non-Syariah compliance product will be rejected.
  2. Once approved, the credit card feature will be enabled.
  3. You are now officially a senangPay merchant! Congratulations!



6. How to Register eGHL Account?

Step 1: Complete and submit the documents to eGHL

  1. Complete eGHL application form (Click here to download sample for application form)
  2. Complete SSM 
  3. Bank statement (First-page showing bank account details)
  4. Website 
  • Clearly Display Products & Services with pricing 
  • Contact Us (Company Name, Phone Number, Address, Email) 
  • Refund/ Cancellation Policy 
  • Shipping Policy/ Fulfilment Policy 
  • Privacy Policy

* Additional Documents 

  • KKM Certification (for medical-related products) 
  • Authorization letter (For resale of branded products) 
  • Local Licenses (Where applicable) 
  • Digital Signature Acceptable

Step 2: Approval

Submit Application and wait for approval within two weeks.



Before you make any decision on registering a payment gateway for your business, be sure to compare several different payment gateways in Malaysia and find out the annual fee and subscription fee.

We hope this blog post helps you decide on the payment gateway for your eCommerce store. If you need an online store that’s ready with a powerful payment gateway, Exabytes provides web design services that are reliable and affordable, and we can help you deliver your products worldwide.

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Last Updated: 5th June 2020. This Steps to Register a Payment Gateway Account in Malaysia blog post is for reference only. Information may be different from the date of publication and we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information shared.

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