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Sharing is caring. At EDC, we’re passionate about creating a platform to enhance your experience in knowledge exchange and sharing.



Be among the first to witness and experience the most advanced technology and gadgets, such as Google Glass, Oculus Rift and many more.



Expand your network, mingle with highly regarded gurus, and learn from like minded people who are passionate about new ideas, just like yourself!

Past EDC Gatherings In Malaysia & Singapore

5th June 2014 marks a new milestone for Exabytes. Exabytes Designer Club (EDC), a community initiative program by Exabytes to target like-minded designers had organized its very first gathering for EDC members.

Exabees and our valued EDC members had a remarkable day at our 2nd EDC gathering at Exabytes SetiaWalk office. We had organised an exciting Google Glass and Oculus Rift Session too.

It was the 4th EDC gathering and we made our way to Johor this time! We appreciate all who came and their support more than anything. Stay tuned for more upcoming events.


We are excited to introduce an amazing new experience to all Singaporeans! Come join Exabytes Designer Club (EDC) to meet, learn and make friends with countless like minded peers and grow together.

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