The Success of HUAWEI | Exabytes: Business Connect Series. What’s next?


To show appreciation towards clients and partners for the continued loyalty and the confidence they have placed in Exabytes to keep their cloud-first transformation journey pampered and safe, Exabytes and HUAWEI carried out an exclusive Luncheon for the members of the Business Connect Series on the 13th of December 2022 (Tuesday), at Ruyi & Lyn Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

HUAWEI x Exabytes: Business Connect Series

During the luncheon, cloud experts from HUAWEI and Exabytes were invited as guest speakers, to provide some thought-provoking ideas around the future of cloud-first digital transformation for guests to discuss with peers as they reconnect over a scrumptious lunch.

The event started off with registration.

Networking was carried out among HUAWEI, Exabytes, as well as, the fellow members of the Business Connect 2022.

Ryan Lim, the Business Executive Development from Exabytes and the emcee for the event, gave a welcome note to kick start the event.

Eric Foo, the Executive VP & Head of Enterprise Business of Exabytes Group delivered his opening speech for the Business Connect Series 2022 Luncheon.

Toby Lee, who is the Partner Business Development Manager, HUAWEI shared about HUAWEI Cloud.

Eric Foo, the Executive VP & Head of Enterprise Business of Exabytes Group sharing on the Cloud-First Digital Transformation Journey and its importance in the Digital Transformation journey.

At the end of the event, there was a photo session for everyone who attended, to commemorate the event.

Overall, the event turned out to be a total success thanks to everyone who attended and the information sharing by the representatives of HUAWEI and Exabytes.

So far, Exabytes has successfully carried out four Business Connect Series with Huawei in the year 2022, which are the Huawei Cloud | Exabytes: Partner Connect Series (For Partners Only), Huawei Cloud | Exabytes: Business Connect Series, Huawei Cloud | Exabytes: Business Connect Series – The Smart Retail in Malaysia, and this event which is the, HUAWEI | Exabytes: Business Connect Series 2022 Appreciation Luncheon. This Appreciation Luncheon 2022, managed to garner 97 attendees altogether.

We are looking forward to more events like this to foster an environment that is open, cooperative and a win-win in order to develop an industry ecosystem and hasten ICT transformation.

For more pictures of the event, head on to our official Facebook Page HERE!

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