This Week’s Smart Deal


Hello guys! How are you doing? So what are we going to talk about today?

This week's smart deal - All-In-One Web Solution

Yes, it’s all about your All-In-One Web Solution – A “complete” set to start or further boost your e-Commerce business!

What’s inside the All-In-One Web Solution?

1. Localized Domain Name

Yes, we believe most of you have already owned a basic domain (For eg,

Perhaps, some of you didn’t realize that grabbing a localized country domain name is important as well, especially if you are doing Malaysian-based e-Commerce.

By using a .MY / .COM.MY domain for your website, your business can gain more trust among Malaysians, as they know your business is based & registered in Malaysia.

.my domain name promo

Grab your .MY / .COM.MY domain in this Super Worthy Deal! As low as RM 31.20/year ONLY!

2. Bulk Email Blasting

Nothing beats email marketing! As agreed by many experts, it’s the MOST personalized marketing strategy/approach for business.

email deal

To be frank, don’t you love receiving emails regarding promotional items and updates on your favourite e-Commerce news?

This is because by receiving the latest updates before anyone else, you felt that you were given PRIORITY.

To reach over 10k subscribers easily (Oh yea, it’s so easy with just one click), you can have a look on our Email Marketing services.


3. Host Your Website on a Dedicated Server

Intel Xeon Dedicated Server

We understand that your e-Commerce has reached the level where your daily traffic spikes.

To avoid losing sales revenue, it’s time to upgrade your shared hosting to a bigger one and not worry about traffic spikes anymore!

4. Prevent Spam

SPAM deal

It would be troublesome for you if too many spam email clog your inbox because you might miss out on important emails from your customer!

With Spam Experts, you can increase your business productivity as you SAVE UP THE TIME used to filter the email and reply even faster to your customers!


5. Gain Trust from the Customer by Protecting Your Website


Imagine, if you browse a website that leads you to errors and virus attacks, will you visit the website for the second time?

No, right?

Because you know that the website is problematic and would possibly cause harm to your computer.

Therefore, it’s important to always protect your website from viruses or malwares so that your website can maintain its great performance, and your customer will be able to surf your website without any worries for their security.

Do check out our Sucuri website security.

It helps to perform spam scans for your website and alerts you when vulnerability is found on your website.

You’ll also be alerted when your website is blacklisted.

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